Why Are You Unhappy? (Wei Wu Wei)

I first heard this poem read online by author David Whyte. When he reads a poem his voice tone truly adds to the dimension and my understanding of the poem. Imagine an earthy Irish brogue voice reading this:

“Why are you unhappy?
Because 99.9 per cent
Of everything you think,
And of everything you do,
Is for yourself —
And there isn’t one.”

From “Ask The Awakened” by Wei Wu Wei

The question “Why are you so unhappy” triggers us to put a name to any malaise we may be experiencing. In a nanosecond before finishing the first line, we’ll hear in our head a rapid firing of all our grievances that add up to “Why we are so unhappy”. BUT! – our excuses and reasons are short lived. Author Wei Wu Wei, takes the juice of justification and tells us the truth. We don’t exist. We don’t have a self that can be made happy. In the broad scheme of the universe or the end goal of enlightenment, we discover that we are nothing or no thing. We are part of the vast universe of emptiness from which all things arise. Wrap your mind around that! Then know that we do exist in relation to each other – part of the vast interconnection of the grid of humanity. It may change your orientation to having status, stuff or having things for yourself… as your motivation for what makes you happy.

When you realize that everything we think and do is for everyone, we suddenly lose an orientation toward choice and instead embody an obligation to serve the whole. In each present moment, we ask “What is my purpose here for the highest and best for everyone?”  “How are my choices benefiting me and everyone else?”   “What do I appreciate about myself and everyone here?”

The poem is from a classic book of poetry and essays written by an anonymous author who went by the name of Wei Wu Wei. Google his name for a very interesting story. He wrote a number of books from 1958 to 1974. ‘Why are you so unhappy’ is from the book “Ask the Awakened – The Negative Way”, first published in 1963.

To help integrate repatterning sessions I often recommend clients take time to  reflect on a session and journal about their experiences.    On the path of enlightenment or healing, the  writing of Wei Woo Wei can help you reflect a little deeper on life and living.

With love and light
Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach


If you are finding the current demise of Facebook challenging and feeling a bit edgy you are not alone. The lack of regard for our privacy and the data leaks has caused many to experience stresses in their social circles. Perhaps some of your friends have deleted their accounts, or many have just gone dead silent.  A sense of loss may have crept in when the friendly Smart Phone beeps delivering FB alerts has gone from 100 messages to a trickle. Your inner turmoil may be reflecting the addiction we all have to Facebook or the desire to connect.

Every echelon in society had questions for Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony at the USA Congress.  Though we have to rely on powers higher than us to ask those questions, there are plenty we can ask ourselves when arriving at a decision whether to delete our Facebook account or continue.   Consider these questions from a healing and trans-formative point of view:

  • Can you trust Facebook?
  • Can you trust others on Facebook?
  • Can you trust yourself on Facebook?
  • What can’t we trust about ourselves on Facebook?
  • Do I tell the truth?
  • Do I tell others the truth?
  • Do I tell myself the truth?
  • How do I live with the truths I do not like?
  • How do I recognize when I am lying to myself or others?
  • Can I recognize when others are lying?
  • What facts do I want to believe as the truth?
  • What facts do I want to dismiss so that I can dismiss the truth?
  • Can I discern the difference between the truth and a pseudo truth?
  • In the scheme of things, I am insignificant. How can Facebook get anything from me or do anything to me?
  • How does Facebook mirror the lies I tell myself?
  • How do I escape the truth on Facebook?
  • How do I want to live my life?
  • What facts on Facebook do I believe are true? How do I know they are true?
  • What is the truth?
  • Am I enlightened enough (free of pain, non coherent patterns, and past hurts and able to live my truth) to participate on Facebook being the truth of who I am?

Personally, I wish I could say I trust Mark Zuckerberg.  However, I look at his birth process pattern for this company – he took the idea away from someone else and only years later settled with them out of court.  Has his resonance changed much since the inception of the company? My fire chakra is churning and my gut says maybe not. Is it my water chakra addiction to the easy social connection provided by FB that helps me live with it or want to turn a blind eye?   The questions for me keep coming. Where have I refused to see a thief in my life in the past?  Do I want to keep paying the price? Do I respect myself? Is there life after Facebook?

If I continue on Facebook I am aware I am entraining with a corporate field of energy built on the unspoken principle that it is okay to steal or what can we get away with? – principles that seem to still be operating with the inner circle at Facebook given their slow responses and milk toast answers. Is that mirroring something in me?

Corporations like Facebook will continue -it’s too lucrative not to.  Since we are living in a rapidly connected world –it’s  also argued that using the situation as an excuse to step away from social media will cause those who do so to become marginalized.

If we can’t trust ourselves on Facebook  perhaps it is because of our own unconscious patterns that we project onto our news feed.  To continue in a healthy wholesome way means that we need to up our own game of inner enlightenment and action. Specifically we need to ….

  1. Commit ourselves to personal growth and transformation (we like Repatterning work for that!)
  2. Live a life where we tell the truth to ourselves and others and then act with integrity
  3. Commit to being informed and demand transparency of companies like FB. We each need to exercise leadership taking action where we can – write our concerns to government officials for example.

Who knows? By taking a pause and examining our own patterns involved with Facebook participation, we ourselves may evolve to create personal safety anywhere online.  As an added bonus our enlightened perspective and actions may change the FB leadership, and others for the best – creating an even better Facebook environment.

So while there are lots of questions to ask Mark Zuckerberg, we may well turn this opportunity into questioning our own part and how we too may need to change.

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

Carolyn is President at the Repatterning Practitioners Association,  the online coordinator of repatterning classes as http://www.Ozardis.com , provides personal holographic coaching (repatterning) sessions  and facilitates free group sessions for peace at  www.WorldPeaceHologram.com

Can Resonance Repatterning and The Related Skills Dev’t be taught…Online?

I have been on a wonderful journey for the past 9 months exploring the possibilities of training students in Resonance Repatterning ONLINE. My adult son was actually the catalyst for this movement into a new paradigm. I was talking with him about seminar attendance being down these past couple of years and brainstorming with him about it. He asked who I wanted in my classes. I responded that I was interested in students of all ages. His response was immediate; “you need to offer Resonance Repatterning ONLINE”. His generation cut their teeth online. If I wanted to reach younger students, this option would draw them in. They might not be as receptive to taking a class in person. I also started thinking about busy people in general, regardless of their age. What about people who live in remote areas where classes are not scheduled or in other countries?  Were there prospective students who might prefer another option to the traditional weekend schedule of “in person” trainings. Would they appreciate not having to leave their families, fly to a location, book a hotel room and spend their weekend in a meeting room?

The model I have been using for the past 18 years has been wonderful and I intend to continue offering “in person” trainings on location. I love traveling and meeting new people all around the world. They enjoy getting to know each other, bonding and entraining while learning Resonance Repatterning. Yet the classes have been decreasing not growing. Would another choice expand the wonderful experiences I had while teaching in the traditional way? Could we make it work? Would the students feel the power of the work, the connection to me and each other ONLINE?


So I began my journey to find out. I initially contacted Carolyn Winter last July asking her to partner with me in this venture. I needed someone who knew the process and could handle the technology involved. I was thrilled when she said yes! Then I spoke with Chloe and she fully supported this option so Carolyn and I began doing sessions to resonate with our new possibility. Carolyn researched video conferencing options. We were familiar with Skype but I was not happy with the quality I had experienced. I am a stickler for lip synching being “on.” This led Carolyn to VSEE and we have both been very pleased by the quality of this video conferencing option. The only drawback currently is the limited number of students who can be in the ONLINE classroom at one time. Yet it has been a blessing in our pilot series. We have been learning as we go and our group has weathered any challenge the technology gave us. One student said after the Empowering Yourself seminar:

“This on-line class with Ardis Ozborn and Carolyn Winter was first class from a content as well as a presentation perspective. Ardis’ understanding of Resonance Repatterning is profound and she conveys the information and exercises precisely and patiently. Carolyn, an exceptional practitioner in her own right, was the technical support for this course and kept us all connected for an amazing 8 hours! The inaugural class had a few understandable glitches that allowed us all to learn more about the VSEE format. Ardis and Carolyn make a seamless team and I enthusiastically look forward to the next installment!

I appreciated that feedback, and it confirmed that the personal experience ONLINE was comparable to the “in person” seminars. The added benefit to this group of students was being able to maintain their busy lives and practices while learning something new. I received this feedback after the Fundamentals class:

“Ardis and Carolyn have done it again… created a virtual learning environment that is as enriching as being there in person.  From a technical perspective, the class exists on your computer screen:  you see all your classmates as well as the instructor, Ardis and her first mate, Carolyn!  Interacting is as easy as raising your hand to add something or ask for clarification.  We even get up to stretch or perform a repatterning modality, while Ardis demonstrates.  And when the munchies hit, a snack is as close as my home kitchen.  The convenience, the financial savings and the coziness of curling up with a blanket on the couch while absorbing fascinating material are very hard to beat.  And, to top it all, my cat Lizzie, is an honorary class member!  She sometimes clicks me out, obscures my screen or otherwise hogs the show, but how great is that, that I can bring her to class?!  Fundamental’s expands on the Empowering class and I have been able to immediately apply the Resonance Repatterning process at this level to any issue that arises for me or family members and for my coaching clients as well.  I am eagerly awaiting the next segments.”

We have received inquiries from Europe, Israel and South Africa so we have designed a schedule for our international students to begin in September and finish in March 2014. With this group we will be teaching on their time schedule. It will be dinner time for them and morning for me! We will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday evenings much like a traditional college or university course. This will be another great journey that will undoubtedly have its own learning curve. As long as we are learning we are living.

The success of our ONLINE pilot program has made it apparent to me that growing our community sometimes requires thinking “outside the box.” To that end I will be offering ONLINE observations, which has been approved by the RPA certification committee, to students interested in becoming certified.  It is also open to students who want tutoring and an opportunity to have their questions answered. I have been offering in person group observations for the past 18 years. I usually do these in the areas I travel to for my seminars. Students find it helpful on many levels. It is great to watch someone give a session and then learn from their feedback. This will allow me to support student practitioners from all over the country on their path toward certification. Another exciting journey!

We all have fond memories of our version of the little school room. It is exciting to realize that the internet has opened the classroom doors to allow learning  at a new and exciting level. I look forward to connecting with you!

Ardis Ozborn

Certified Resonance Repatterning Teacher
Owner of Journeys with Oz.

Ardis Ozborn is one of the founding members of the Repatterning Association and held the role of President when it was called the Holographic Repatterning Association.  She is a long time licensed teacher of Resonance Repatterning, an advisor and facilitates teacher training in addition to presenting seminars.

Inspired, Written, Published and Followed

Covers of World Wide Rave and The New Rules of...
Covers of World Wide Rave and The New Rules of Marketing and PR. The cover of the former is by Doug Eymer and was inspired by vintage rock concert posters. HOW WILL YOU CREATE A WORLD WIDE RAVE? :: Making of the Video . p. 10 . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until a few short years ago, for anyone who aspired to write a book, the dream involved finding a publisher who would take it on–getting a book deal and finding your work on the shelves of books stores everywhere, promoted by the publisher.

After all, if you are over the age of 10 years in our life time, we have only known publishing to be proprietary to publishing companies, distributions channels or the mass media. The ordinary person could only buy their way into that world to be seen.

In the old paradigm, pre-2008 or so depending on your industry, to market or promote your business, as one of my favorite marketing authors–David Meerman Scott–points out, traditional marketers used strategies, such as annoying, interrupting , blasting emails, paper mailers and print advertising etc. to get your attention or that of an audience. Fortunately, its not working any more.

To put this change into perspective, David Meerman Scott asks his audiences, as I will now ask you to consider,  these 3 questions:

1. When was the last time you bought something from a flyer, or a marketing robot call or similar venue?

2. When was the last time you Googled something you were going to buy, even if it was only $10.00?

3. When was the last time you bought something because a friend recommended it?

Chances are you Googled the item and definitely bought it on the recommendation of a friend.

It is now 2013 and we are squarely in the digital age. This age comes with changes as far reaching to society as the Renaissance and inventions like the printing press. There is one huge difference in these 2 revolutions–less than 1000 people took the new information, inventions and tools of the Renaissance and created the institutions we have today, such as newspapers and publishers.

In the digital age and because of the internet, we all equally have the potential to get online, use the tools and create something that ultimately defines the future of humanity . . . if, of course, we resonate with having that digital footprint, the visibility that publishing anything will bring to us.

Today we are all publishers. All of us. When we send an email, set up a social media profile, post to a Facebook feed, leave comments, write blog posts . . ., we no longer need to write a book to be seen. We do need to publish and we are all publishers. The question is do we resonate with that so that we can be favorably seen and followed?

IF you come from the old system, as most of us do, where someone controlled the information, the new system of being your own publisher for many will be unfamiliar and, depending largely on your patterns, uncomfortable.

After all it’s one thing to say, “Oh goodie! I can get a free YouTube account, Facebook, blog etc.” and yet quite another to put great content there that attracts an audience by educating and informing it rather than interrupting and selling to it. AND you probably–all of you–have great content or the potential for it, but your own personal patterns for being seen will come in the way of you and the free tools–and your audience. In fact, you may be suffering from your resonance with the OLD ‘Rules of Marketing, PR and Publishing,’ stuck in the old ways of getting your message or material out there because that is the only model we have known.

Unlike the controlled messages of the old publishing paradigm, the digital age is bringing one more very powerful aspect into being–your resonance. The frequencies you broadcast are discerned online no matter what you write. Don’t try to lie. You will be found.

Think about the last USA election, and no matter who the candidate, for me, what was plainly clear is that  candidates may say whatever they  like, and audiences everywhere, at every income and education level, are picking up the true vibration and chatting about it.  The greater the gap between perceived vibration and spoken message is often captured with a cell phone, iphone camera or comments on the candidate’s eye movements and what they mean.  Everyone is tuning into the frequency as much as material evidence.

There is one more piece I would like to add to your awareness, if you haven’t already noticed. It has to do with consciousness and your evolution as a spiritual being. The digital age compels us–to be in the ever-present moment. No one will wait for a contrived considered response; the public, your public, is constantly Googling what is relevant now. Marketers know that if they don’t respond in the moment to a news item or customer query, they have lost it. So as publishers we have to resonate with the most coherent aspects of responding in the moment as ourselves. Isn’t that the quest of spiritual evolution to become who we truly are, to live our truth, and live from a place of wholeness?

What stops us from publishing effectively in the moment is our patterns–protecting our ego, self-image, the non-coherent patterns that we have yet to heal and that we have only ever known in the old paradigm of publishing.

For myself, I remember my first experience of publishing my website. I was so embarrassed to be seen–let alone offer an alternative healing system–I could barely look at my site.   That was many cleared patterns ago, many of which had to do with self-image, fear of rejection and confidence.  Today I publish fearlessly–grammar mistakes and all (I hear alot about that)–but I am comfortable being who I am, conveying the messages needed to be of service and support to others, and no longer cringe with the old pattern of embarrassment.  Hopefully, when people looking for answers to their problems find me, they are supported by the experience and transformed.

If you are considering an online presence, or wish to publish a book etc., I encourage you to examine the patterns underlying your blocks and apparent obstacles.   Your spiritual being will evolve, you will feel more inner freedom and be in a place to share your gifts and talents with the world. Clear your patterns and your creativity; inspiration and ideas will shine through into physical form.  You will have the energy to take the actions needed to complete your goal. Most importantly, the outcome will sing with a vibration that the world will hear favorably. You will ultimately be– followed!

with love and light

Carolyn Winter

* David Meerman Scott is the author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”  and Marketing Lessons of the Grateful Dead

* This topic was presented by Carolyn Winter at the www.RepatterningWorldSummit.com event in March 20 2013 and combined with a group resonance repatterning session.

Carolyn is a past president and a long time volunteer with the Repatterning Practitioners Association.  She is a Holographic Coach at http://www.LightTravels.com providing personal sessions and unique online long distance sessions.    Recently, she has taken on the role of Seminar Online Coordinator at www.Ozardis.com and has helped to create a unique online seminar experience.

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Perspectives On Family Patterns Triggered by an Election

How do you feel about elections and voting?   For many it can be a gut wrenching time, filled with family feuds or arguments, or becomes a topic to be avoided in polite company.  Our family values and expectations at election time,  may cause a huge inner conflict at the voting poll that spirals our energy downward.  As a result, we may grow in disdain for these democratic events and rights.  Thinking about it from an energy perspective may help us to resolve our issues and vote with a coherent attitude that makes a difference to our energy system and ultimately to the country.

The nature of democracy and voting is that everyone is entitled to vote from their conscience with the respect of society for doing so.  Of course, we may find democracy works very well for us, when our whole family system votes the same way because we have a shared sense of values, vision for our country, and a shared perspective of how things are to work.  Our shared understanding may forge an unspoken rule for the consciousness of our group whether it is a family, a small community or other shared interest group–a rule that says “we” vote a particular way for a particular candidate.  If we are personally in agreement with how our group votes, our field of energy expands with civic pride for having voted, and we may even experience great joy and delight when our chosen candidate wins.

However, life is constantly in motion and everyone changes and grows including groups, political parties and their candidates.  It may be difficult to sustain our coherence when as individuals we come to a realization that the candidate endorsed by our group no longer meets our personal expectations or values.  We may feel uncomfortable making a different choice or voicing our opinions aloud.  It may be very difficult for us to exercise our freedom to vote from our conscience, feeling guilty for opposing the unspoken rule of our group for how to vote.  As a result, we  may no longer resonate with voting, freedom, democracy and either avoid voting altogether, or place for our vote with great reluctance or other diminished feelings.  The mere discussion of politics may break out in non-coherent arguments and physical rage if the rule broken with a contrary vote is very important to the group.  What we are feeling is the systemic guilt that is generated by opposing our groups rules.

In the set of repatterning’s from Magui Block’s  “Healing The Family System,” feeling guilty when we have done something wrong is normal and helps us to compensate for something wrong that we have done.  Neurotic guilt, according to Magui, is a sensation of anxiety that covers up an emotion, such as repressed anger.  It does not lead us toward growth or responsibility.  However, systemic guilt is the guilt we feel when our family has voted one way for generations, but own research and consideration leads us to vote in an opposite way.  When our vote is different from that of our group, we may feel that it separates us from the group, and maybe we are afraid we no longer belong.  We may perceive ourselves as ‘bad’ or unacceptable.  These are very powerful feelings.  The systemic guilt generated may be so strong that, in fact, we abandon our choice to vote in a different way and choose instead to vote in a way that supports the group or we don’t vote at all.  The energetic benefits to be reaped from exercising our right to vote is lost.

If you find yourself voting against the rules of your group, whether for an election or by breaking any other rule that defines them, you are testing the limits for growth of the group.  While we may feel systemic guilt in the short run, if our  choice is based on growth, we will transform by breaking the rules.  Chances are the group will grow as well, because our choices caused them to consider new information.  Our choice for growth will be good for us personally and, in the long run, for the group as well–even if we are in opposition.  The price we pay for growth and, for that matter, democracy is the hard choice of voting from our hearts, especially when our choices contradict popular opinion.

Of course, making a decision for ourselves that is contrary to our family or group  and doing so with confidence and clarity is much easier if we have the coherence to do so.  Resonance Repatterning practitioners using the Repatternings such as “Peace Repatterning” or “Systemic Loyalties Repatterning” from Healing the Family System can help anyone clear these issues and vote with energy that spirals upward.

The nature of democracy is growth and freedom.  Addressing any patterns that are triggered within us will contribute to a deep sense of civic pride and to a stronger community and country.

With love and light,
Carolyn Winter

Carolyn is a past president and a long time volunteer with the Repatterning Practitioners Association.  She is a Holographic Coach at http://www.LightTravels.com providing personal sessions and unique online long distance sessions.  She uses the Healing the Family Systems Repatternings in her popular Ancestral Echoes online group repatterning sessions.  Recently, she has taken on the role of Seminar Online Coordinator at www.Ozardis.com

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Resonance Repatterning Meets Astrology at Aligned for Mercury Retrograde

Resonance Repatterning Meets Astrology at Aligned for Mercury Retrograde

In 2004, a client emailed a Sunday New York Times story to me about something called Mercury Retrograde and asked, “Can you do that thing you do to address these issues?  It comes up all the time!” In fact, a number of clients, referred by an astrologer, had been mentioning this phenomena in their sessions. Of course for anyone familiar with astrology, this is a potent astrological aspect that happens at least three times per year. A short internet search at the time provided information that was primarily fear-based, and warned of strict activities one should avoid– signing contracts, buying big ticket items, long distance travel, or new product launches.

I had the opportunity to meet astrologer Julie Simmons and received a short education on Mercury Retrograde. I asked her if she saw a benefit for addressing these legends for folks with a repatterning session. Beyond my own astrological sign and its prospects for romance or money, I knew little else about astrology; however, I had already adopted the attitude that one could repattern anything.  Julie provided the broader perspective. In previous generations, a retrograde was just experienced as a natural slow- down of energy, a time to put things in order, regroup, plan etc.  Putting things off, such as signing a contract, was not a big deal as we had the time and space to do what was required. We likely intuitively knew when to postpone things as we were once more attuned with nature’s pulse.

It’s quite the opposite in our wired world of getting things done, done faster, done better, and with endless deadlines. Our world has become quite fast paced and in our day-to-day lives we are more driven perhaps to beat the clock with nature and force our will for accomplishment. We tend to be out of touch with the energy hitting earth and defy Mercury’s course. The planet in retrograde disagrees and–as the lore goes–sends out the trickster, as it is nicknamed, to make life miserable for us. If we keep pushing our energy during a retrograde, we experience accidents, things getting stuck, confused, and laced with miscommunication.

Julie was familiar with my work and quite excited about what could be done by combining our talents. She felt that participants could benefit by aligning with the energy and making the most of its positive aspects rather than concentrating on victim-oriented positions. We would do a repatterning session in their absence with the submissions forming a kind of group consciousness that changes with each session.  During the session in her role as the professional astrologer, Julie Simmons serves as the proxy for the group. She answers the questions that come up during the session, using the information submitted to us as well as her astrological background.

The sessions are interesting as well as educational.  We report the notes back online customized with participants submissions to the hologram and a video or audio message to explain any  patterns that need to come to the awareness of the group.

In the first few years, participants thought they could use the repatterning to essentially defy the planetary slowdown in energy and exert their will just the same.  Over time, participants have learned there is a natural flow to things and have experienced many rewards and sometimes, in fact, seemingly defy the retrograde energy.   For example, travel disruptions end with timely solutions–it was a hassle but things came right in the end anyway. Miscommunications are consciously averted as others come back to double check details. Old business is often brought forward for resolution, as in the case of the individual who had written off a $7000 debt only to be greeted with a check for that amount in the mail.  I am always amused at those who report spontaneously getting in the mood for housekeeping tasks and chores and putting things in order. During the last retrograde I used the energy to complete a long-standing repair to a lamp!

It has been well over eight years since Julie Simmons and I started the program, and if a hologram of energy can be built over time, I feel we have done it.  Now when you Google Mercury Retrograde the majority of articles are no longer fear-based as much as wisdom-based and advise on how to handle the energy in a positive way.  For our participants, the program continues to offer an opportunity to repattern the issues they anticipate during a retrograde, to resonate with what they would like instead, resonate with the specific positive astrological patterns of the particular retrograde and align with spontaneous right action.

You can visit Julie and I at the blog where we discuss this aspect more deeply at http://AlignedForMercuryRetrograde.com

With love and Light

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

Phone: 416-410-2349
Email:  carolyn@lighttravels.com

Carolyn Winter is the Past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association, and a full time certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning since 1997.  She offers sessions in person, by phone and in unique online sessions for groups.  She is currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the Basic Training Seminars online.

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