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Covers of World Wide Rave and The New Rules of...
Covers of World Wide Rave and The New Rules of Marketing and PR. The cover of the former is by Doug Eymer and was inspired by vintage rock concert posters. HOW WILL YOU CREATE A WORLD WIDE RAVE? :: Making of the Video . p. 10 . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until a few short years ago, for anyone who aspired to write a book, the dream involved finding a publisher who would take it on–getting a book deal and finding your work on the shelves of books stores everywhere, promoted by the publisher.

After all, if you are over the age of 10 years in our life time, we have only known publishing to be proprietary to publishing companies, distributions channels or the mass media. The ordinary person could only buy their way into that world to be seen.

In the old paradigm, pre-2008 or so depending on your industry, to market or promote your business, as one of my favorite marketing authors–David Meerman Scott–points out, traditional marketers used strategies, such as annoying, interrupting , blasting emails, paper mailers and print advertising etc. to get your attention or that of an audience. Fortunately, its not working any more.

To put this change into perspective, David Meerman Scott asks his audiences, as I will now ask you to consider,  these 3 questions:

1. When was the last time you bought something from a flyer, or a marketing robot call or similar venue?

2. When was the last time you Googled something you were going to buy, even if it was only $10.00?

3. When was the last time you bought something because a friend recommended it?

Chances are you Googled the item and definitely bought it on the recommendation of a friend.

It is now 2013 and we are squarely in the digital age. This age comes with changes as far reaching to society as the Renaissance and inventions like the printing press. There is one huge difference in these 2 revolutions–less than 1000 people took the new information, inventions and tools of the Renaissance and created the institutions we have today, such as newspapers and publishers.

In the digital age and because of the internet, we all equally have the potential to get online, use the tools and create something that ultimately defines the future of humanity . . . if, of course, we resonate with having that digital footprint, the visibility that publishing anything will bring to us.

Today we are all publishers. All of us. When we send an email, set up a social media profile, post to a Facebook feed, leave comments, write blog posts . . ., we no longer need to write a book to be seen. We do need to publish and we are all publishers. The question is do we resonate with that so that we can be favorably seen and followed?

IF you come from the old system, as most of us do, where someone controlled the information, the new system of being your own publisher for many will be unfamiliar and, depending largely on your patterns, uncomfortable.

After all it’s one thing to say, “Oh goodie! I can get a free YouTube account, Facebook, blog etc.” and yet quite another to put great content there that attracts an audience by educating and informing it rather than interrupting and selling to it. AND you probably–all of you–have great content or the potential for it, but your own personal patterns for being seen will come in the way of you and the free tools–and your audience. In fact, you may be suffering from your resonance with the OLD ‘Rules of Marketing, PR and Publishing,’ stuck in the old ways of getting your message or material out there because that is the only model we have known.

Unlike the controlled messages of the old publishing paradigm, the digital age is bringing one more very powerful aspect into being–your resonance. The frequencies you broadcast are discerned online no matter what you write. Don’t try to lie. You will be found.

Think about the last USA election, and no matter who the candidate, for me, what was plainly clear is that  candidates may say whatever they  like, and audiences everywhere, at every income and education level, are picking up the true vibration and chatting about it.  The greater the gap between perceived vibration and spoken message is often captured with a cell phone, iphone camera or comments on the candidate’s eye movements and what they mean.  Everyone is tuning into the frequency as much as material evidence.

There is one more piece I would like to add to your awareness, if you haven’t already noticed. It has to do with consciousness and your evolution as a spiritual being. The digital age compels us–to be in the ever-present moment. No one will wait for a contrived considered response; the public, your public, is constantly Googling what is relevant now. Marketers know that if they don’t respond in the moment to a news item or customer query, they have lost it. So as publishers we have to resonate with the most coherent aspects of responding in the moment as ourselves. Isn’t that the quest of spiritual evolution to become who we truly are, to live our truth, and live from a place of wholeness?

What stops us from publishing effectively in the moment is our patterns–protecting our ego, self-image, the non-coherent patterns that we have yet to heal and that we have only ever known in the old paradigm of publishing.

For myself, I remember my first experience of publishing my website. I was so embarrassed to be seen–let alone offer an alternative healing system–I could barely look at my site.   That was many cleared patterns ago, many of which had to do with self-image, fear of rejection and confidence.  Today I publish fearlessly–grammar mistakes and all (I hear alot about that)–but I am comfortable being who I am, conveying the messages needed to be of service and support to others, and no longer cringe with the old pattern of embarrassment.  Hopefully, when people looking for answers to their problems find me, they are supported by the experience and transformed.

If you are considering an online presence, or wish to publish a book etc., I encourage you to examine the patterns underlying your blocks and apparent obstacles.   Your spiritual being will evolve, you will feel more inner freedom and be in a place to share your gifts and talents with the world. Clear your patterns and your creativity; inspiration and ideas will shine through into physical form.  You will have the energy to take the actions needed to complete your goal. Most importantly, the outcome will sing with a vibration that the world will hear favorably. You will ultimately be– followed!

with love and light

Carolyn Winter

* David Meerman Scott is the author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”  and Marketing Lessons of the Grateful Dead

* This topic was presented by Carolyn Winter at the event in March 20 2013 and combined with a group resonance repatterning session.

Carolyn is a past president and a long time volunteer with the Repatterning Practitioners Association.  She is a Holographic Coach at providing personal sessions and unique online long distance sessions.    Recently, she has taken on the role of Seminar Online Coordinator at and has helped to create a unique online seminar experience.

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