Practitioner Interview: Isabel Hope Thomas by Nancy Martin


Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Mesa, Arizona

Congratulations on completing all the requirements for certification in July 2011 and now managing the time for our interview questions!

Please tell us about yourself—what you do for a living and what is your background and education.

On April 12, 1952, I was born in Oil City, Pennsylvania, the Saturday before Easter to two wonderful people who desperately wanted a child.  After 13 years of marriage they had all but given up when I was conceived.  I was named Isabel for a much-loved, childless aunt and Hope because I was a fulfillment of all their prayers and hope.  Even my last name, Hanawalt,  provided me with a rich heritage. I was very blessed and loved right from the beginning.  Two years later came another blessing when my brother was born and completed our family.  I spent 11 years growing up in that small town before we moved to Mesa, Arizona for the remainder of my childhood.

As far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a ‘Mom.’ I even majored in Home Economics so I could be the best mom ever!  I got married in 1972 and my dream came true.  I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for 16 years and live in five different states.  I worked outside the home only occasionally as a volunteer in parent organizations and scouting or doing small sales like Avon and Tupperware.

Then in 1989 my 12-year-old son became ill with what was thought to be leukemia, but the doctors could not confirm their diagnosis.  They wanted us to wait and see.  For us, doing nothing was not an option, and so began a journey into alternative medicine that ended in a healthy child and me becoming a Holistic Practitioner.

I love helping people who have been told there is no hope, so my practice is called Hope Enterprises.  I have scaled my practice back to one day a week to take care of my five grandchildren.  This year my youngest, Grandie, will go to school, so I plan to expand my practice once again.  I also look forward to being more involved in Resonance Repatterning with some of the additional time.

How did you learn about Resonance Repatterning?

Now that’s a bit of a story.

The main focus of my practice was Homeopathy and Nutrition.  I believe, like Dr. Edward Bach, that all disease comes from emotions, and I used flower remedies along with the emotional aspects of other Homeopathics to address my clients’ concerns. Even though I have certifications in many various methods of emotional clearing and kinesiology, most of my clients were more comfortable taking remedies.

In 1999, on three separate occasions, three different clients told me about a process using Holographics for healing.  Another asked me if there was a faster way to be pain free than using remedies.  One client even went so far as to research the details and bring me a registration form. I always listen when something comes to me three times.  So I registered for a class on Holographic Repatterning being taught by Chloe Wordsworth and discovered I had found my home.  This method brought everything I knew into one wonderful process.  I began using it right away!  I was successful and content being a student practitioner for a long time then I felt that nudge again three plus times–so I set out on the certification journey!  And here I am certified and still helping people with Resonance Repatterning some 13 years now.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

It is a life line.

For family, clients and friends: Resonance Repatterning is a wonderful healing tool.  This powerful process has allowed quantum changes in people so they can realize their full potential and live “pain free without remedies.”  This process gives the mother in me, who wants to help and give hope to everyone, a vehicle to do just that.

For me personally:  I had just lost my mother and I grieved hard and long for her.   Resonance Repatterning gave me a way to heal myself.  I now once again have a desire to live, and my zest for life is far greater than I ever thought possible.  I love new possibilities! And my intention is to always explore them!

What are some examples of sessions that stand out in your life?

How many wonderful adjectives can you apply to this amazing process that was conceived out of the love and generosity of one fabulous woman?  Every time I see or receive a session I am quite literally blown away by the power and, dare I say, majesty of Resonance Repatterning.  To pick just one to share about is a real challenge! Being up for that challenge I have an example of the power of a positive action.

I was privileged to receive a session from Chloe.  You see I have a hard time letting go.   As a child of parents who lived through the ‘Great Depression,’ I learned that everything was saved and had value.  Having a garage that was full and had overflowed into an off-site storage unit, I needed to see that those things would also have value for others now and I did not have to keep them for my future needs.  Adding to the problem was that a lot of the things had belonged to my parents, and there was a fair amount of guilt and grief in letting go of those things.

I was also on the doorstep of a new decade of my life and I wanted a clean slate. Often a session is not what you think. While I was interested in a fabulous new decade ahead, there were other priorities afoot! I don’t remember the exact repatterning. I do remember that I felt and was powerless and would not come into my power until (positive action) the garage was cleaned out! Oh no! And it had to be done in three months! So with all good intentions my husband and I set out to clean the garage, but the door broke in half (don’t go there!) and we couldn’t even get in it. More than a year passed before I entered my new decade and celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary. We finally got the garage a new door and—presto–the garage was clean!  By now I had all but given up on my power….when two days later I realized I had been going like “a house a fire” getting things accomplished. I had clarity and was focused and, yes, I felt very powerful!! It really happened–I came into my power!

My reason for choosing to share this is to let everyone know while it is important to complete a positive action in a timely manner, just completing it for me was the most important thing!  It still brought amazing results.  So don’t give up or give in–do that positive action, shift that energy and complete those quantum changes! You’ll be glad you did.

What would you like to see the RPA do for its newest members?

How about a mentoring program? I know this is a techno world but the personal contact in my opinion cannot be substituted. In some ways I feel as though we have lost our sense of community in the Resonance Repatterning world. I realize how much work went into the “in-person” annual conferences, but I would like to see them return even if they are every two or three years. Everyone likes belonging and being supported, and those for me would be a way of providing for all of us.

Do you have a motto?

To honor God in everything I do, live by the ‘Golden Rule’ and strive to be like the women of Proverbs 31.  (31:10-31).

What five words describe you?

A friend recently called me Kaleidoscope–I rather like that.  In Greek it means beautiful.  Like the kaleidoscope, I tend to be colorful, shapely and faceted!  I am also quite loquacious and friendly, creative and intelligent.  OK that’s more than five, but then in Resonance Repatterning we tend to use positive descriptive words a lot.

If there is something special about you that you’d like to share, needless to say, we’re eager to hear.

A couple of things:

One of my favorite things to do is make people smile.  I love to find the grumpiest person in the room and get a laugh or a smile; often I get a hug as well.  In college I worked as a waitress when a BIG tip was a $1.  Once after I made a senior gentleman smile, his wife gave me a $5 tip and said it was the most pleasant meal she’d ever had with him!

I have been given the gift of song. I use it in many ways, including 16 years with a group called Faithful Heart. As a group we have recorded a gospel CD.  It is my goal to make my own CD that can be shared not just for pleasure but also for healing, balancing and overall coherence.

I’m a trained Bible study leader. I love examining the scripture to find the original meaning in Hebrew and Greek.  I am always amazed at how much is lost in the translation. In many ways it is like Resonance Repatterning–finding what was lost in the “translation.”

Isabel Hope Thomas

Thank you for sharing your story, Isabel. You have a broad base of experience and training to bring hope, peace and joy to your world.

To Contact Isabel: 

Home/Office 480-730-1766

The author of Practitioner Interviews, Nancy B. Martin is a Certified Practitioner from Providence, RI and who serves on the RPAJournal committee.

Book Review: Fractal Time – The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age, by Gregg Braden

Reviewed by Nancy Martin

“This book is dedicated to our discovery of time as the language of our past, the map to our future, and the world to come.” December 21, 2012, the winter solstice, is identified by the Mayan calendar as the end of a world age, the cycle that began this 5th world age in 3114 B.C. (1,800 years before the time of Moses and the biblical exodus), which is approximately 5,125 years ago. Comparisons of world-age references include traditions of the Hopi, Ancient India  (the Vedas first written in 1500 B.C.), Aztec and Maya. Oral transmission of the stories probably went back thousands of years before the literature.

Four generations experienced the end of a world-age and survived changes in global magnetic fields and climate, diminishing resources and rising sea levels, for the end of one world age is the beginning of the next. Completing the cycle is necessary before the next can start, which means experiencing the greatest distance in our orbit from the core of our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

Emotional/spiritual effects are evident, as well as the physical changes, in the sense of a loss of connection–separate and lost. The farther we go from the source of such powerful energy the deeper we go in darkness, leading our ancestors to chaos, war, greed and destruction. The dominant theme in that period of greatest darkness at the end of a world age is discord, contention and quarrel. In spite of the fears of such negative outcomes, our ancestors also had an awareness of abundant peace, love, healing, and compassion at the same time.

Now technology and understanding the need affords us new choices, the realm of all possibilities where we can shape our future. Earth and our solar system move into alignment, passing an imaginary line that defines the top of our galaxy and the bottom as the equator defines the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere, with the mysterious source of energy at the heart of the Milky Way. The winter solstice 2012 is the center of the transition zone, beginning well before and after 12/21, involving possibly years on each side. This alignment was predicted by the Mayans to repeat in another 26,000 years and represents moving through the 12 familiar zodiac signs/constellations, forming a circle of 360˚.

We need to update our time concepts. The ancient traditions saw time as an ongoing dance of cycles, waves of energy pulsing across the universe, incorporating repeats of patterns over a wide scope of dimensions—fractals–that carry the conditions of the past, but with greater intensity, into our future. Albert Einstein introduced us to the unity of time and space, which he called space-time, and that events of everyday life on all levels–peace, war, the cosmos, the economy, personal relationships and civilizations–happen within it. The fractal interplay between planets, galaxies and our personal lives relates to the ancient axiom, “As above, so below.”

Cycles abound in nature and vary in magnitude—from the smallest pattern of subatomic particles to galaxies–in increasing nests of cycles. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning.”

What happens within cycles is seen as a place in the cycle, a seed event. It’s the repeat of conditions that make a particular outcome possible, depending on the choices we make in life. Knowing where we are in the cycle, we know what to expect when it repeats.

This relates not only to cosmological changes but also to worldwide conflicts and the personal events in one’s life. Braden has developed a Time Code Calculator that shows us what to expect in all of the above. Through current technology we can anticipate the cyclical changes and a choice point that allows us to select a new outcome for the returning pattern of conditions. The key is understanding Phi/phi, described as 1.618/ .618, the golden ratio, which is repeated in infinity in nature and often in architecture. Fibonacci discovered during the early 14th century the sequence of  numbers that create the golden ratio, namely adding the last two numbers that expand a spiral or dividing the number that immediately precedes it. Spirals seem to be the pattern for much of the universe.

Beauty in our world is represented by this ratio—proportions of the human body, the pattern of seeds in a sunflower, the structure of elegant Grecian temples, arms of the Milky Way galaxy. It also applies to brain states of consciousness and proportions of DNA.

Not only cycles of growth and proportion are evident in the golden ratio but also in the timing and separation of occurrences in a person’s life. The only way we relate to time is through our experiences of events within it. Time and events can’t be separated. Now we have moved beyond classical Newtonian physics to quantum physics where we conceptualize zones of energy described as probabilities.

The Hopi language is the same for describing what is and what has happened. For them “is” refers to a quantum possibility that became manifest. Einstein said, “This past, present and future is only an illusion.” However, the “problem of time” is approached through  the theory that space-time has the form of a wave., something that moves in a special way and follows a special path—that of a spiral with the effect called a torsion field. These spirals of space-time are key to nature’s code.

Now the convergence of so many cycles  present an optimum time to commence new patterns of growth. In our personal lives this is an opportunity to release beliefs that have caused pain emotionally and physically and to embrace new life-affirming beliefs in their place. Opt for cooperation instead of competition for our world. “A change in the way we feel about ourselves and our world has the potential to affect the world itself.” Through the silent language of the heart we can harmonize our bodies with the life-sustaining fields of the earth; achieving global coherence can affect the quality of the common field that connects us. Conditions may repeat but the events don’t have to. We have a choice!

Book Review: The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self, by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson

 Reviewed by Nancy Martin

PART I – Deepak Chopra

 “The Shadow” is a term coined by Carl Jung, the noted follower of Sigmund Freud, for the unwelcome parts of ourselves that we hide from conscious awareness. This dark side is often explained as a judgment—what we reject in others is what we cannot accept within ourselves. Dualism is the framework, e.g. right/wrong, good/bad, win/lose, hope/resignation, etc. We don’t want to accept as ours the thoughts and behaviors that go against our value system. The more we repress our dark side, the easier it is to present a persona that radiates all “goodness” and light. The unconscious, which Freud saw as the individual’s construct, Jung envisioned as impulses and drives coming from the entire history of mankind. Therefore it is a collective unconscious, shaped by all and incorporating the shadow of all.

 By ignoring our dark side, we only intensify its power over our conscious choices. This is witnessed in violent behavior as well as in mild, socially tolerated ways. When consciousness is no longer divided, when what we see is one self in all directions, “a new self and eventually a new world can be born.” Growing beyond our self-imposed limitations of the illusions our dark side imposes, we can gain compassion for self, courage and freedom. The goal is to be empowered with our wholeness, open to expressing our passions and realizing our dreams.

What is the evidence of the collective unconscious behavior in groups? The beginning came through body-mind medicine, the discovery of ‘messenger’ molecules that show how the brain translates emotions into a chemical equivalent, affecting our organs. Studies at Stanford University established the social contagion theory through bad conditions in a prison experiment that let dark forces emerge. A class of students was divided into two groups:  guards and prisoners. The ‘guards’ began to severely mistreat the ‘prisoners,’ even though they were all considered good kids studying at a prestige university. They weren’t bad apples–they misbehaved through adopting that “us vs. them” mind-set, where people lose their individuality, becoming just faces in a crowd. If there are no consequences of one’s bad actions, the loss of individuality increases.

N. Christakis and J. Fowler from Harvard analyzed  data from the three-decade study of 5,000 people in Framingham, Mass., and found invisible connections that run through a whole society. “When one person gained weight, started smoking, or got sick, close family members and friends were 50% more likely to behave the same way.” Any behavior can be contagious, and three degrees of connection became evident: “a friend of a friend can make you prone to smoking, unhappiness or loneliness, even though you have never met this friend of a friend.”

Our impulse for separation is behind the contrast—light and dark, divine and the devil, saint and sinner. Chopra suggests life has no juice, as in electricity, unless one pole sends a current to the other. He sees the shadow as the separation impulse and the divine impulse as one that seeks unity. The new reality we seek calls for a holographic impulse, one where the whole is represented in each part, no matter how small. Resolution and freedom come from recognizing the shadow is part of our psyche and that whatever exists in it is within our power to dissolve. The shadow tries to keep you unconscious because it’s the hiding place of pain and stress.

The process for nurturing the shadow includes: “keeping secrets from yourself and others; harboring guilt and shame; making yourself and others wrong; needing someone to blame; ignoring your own weaknesses while criticizing those around you; separating yourself from others; struggling to keep evil at bay.”

Choices for diminishing the shadow’s power deal with stopping our projecting, detaching and letting go, giving up self-judgment, and rebuilding your emotional body, which he describes as “the lightness of being,” becoming more whole. It exchanges judgment for the real experience of compassion, love, and forgiveness.

A new worldview is needed—the entire universe is made of consciousness, “infinite, all-embracing, all powerful, and all knowing.” He speaks of coordination of all action: information shared with all parts of the whole in instantaneous communication, energy is perpetually reshaping but never lost, evolution continually produces more intricate forms, and consciousness expands with more complex forms.

Wholeness and healing are very closely connected—always seeking balance within your body, within your life, within your world, as change and the laws of nature progress through transformations. Letting go of the split self with all its dualities is experiencing wholeness and being able to value the dynamics of each without being a slave to any.

Transcending the shadow brings the realization that “the level of the problem is never the level of the solution.” Going beyond the conflict brings a new perspective, a broader context that opens the way to resolution. Willingness to surrender your thinking mind to meditation, switching your focus from mental chatter to perhaps your breathing or chanting a mantra. frees your potential for limitless possibilities for peace and ever expanding consciousness.

PART II – Debbie Ford

Making Peace with Ourselves, Others and the World 

A familiar picture is presented of people who pray, wish, and desire to change some vexing behavior—procrastinating, overspending, overeating, resenting .  . .while hiding their discontent with a cheery countenance. With this simmering distress often comes forgetting they ever wanted anything other than what they had.

Our egocentric self believes that some change in a stressful person or thing will bring us happiness. Looking outside the self precludes lifting the veil within to see “who we think we are and who we really want to be.” Defending the former image prevents us from discovering our true self, our wholeness. The shadow, our dark side, the part we can’t imagine has anything to do with us and don’t want anyone, especially our loved ones, to see, becomes the major obstacle to realizing our true nature of greatness, compassion and authenticity.

She recalls her inner turmoil of opposing voices when she transitioned from an awkward preadolescent into a pretty young teen—“You’re an idiot.” and “I’m better, prettier, smarter and more talented than everyone else.” Attempting to feel better led her to a sugar addiction and progressed to cigarettes, Pot, pills for uppers and downers and psychedelics.

Success at masking her true feelings and imitating the girls who seemed ‘to have it all together’ deceived herself as much as others until her world crumbled. Finally, at the age of 27 in a drug treatment center, she began to see the havoc of her battle with the dark side. Ultimate surrender in that war revealed a passion to help others on the journey through the human psyche to value their wholeness. The realization that “we possess every human characteristic and emotion, whether active or dormant, whether conscious or dormant” levels our field of reference.

The panoply of self-expression brings the gifts our wholeness manifests, making possible infinite means of well-being and peace—the freedom to truly be and extend love to our oneness. Integrating all the aspects of our journey expands the richness of our days and builds on our potential for gift giving and receiving.

Her beliefs now are that forgiveness, happening in our hearts not our heads, is the “hallway between the past and an unimaginable future; everything happens for a reason; we are always evolving and though oftentimes painful, it serves an important purpose; there is wisdom in every wound; and we are more than we ever dreamed possible.”

PART III – Marianne Williamson

Only Light Can Cast Out Darkness

 Struggling over the juxtaposition of so much tender beauty in the world—from sleeping babies and bounteous bouquets of blossoms, love on earth—to wars and inexorable suffering and destruction of living things, she acknowledges an antiforce that gets us to do its bidding because we have forgotten who we are and “thus act as we are not.”  This darkness represents not a presence but an absence of light. “And the only true light is love.”

 Separated from love, our wholeness and God, we perceive our anger as justified, blame of another is only reasonable, and attacking someone is righteous self-defense. Fear takes over and threatens to crush the soul. The antidote is to change our thinking to a higher frequency—loving unconditionally and unwaveringly, involving radical truth telling, and expanding our sense of love beyond the personal, social and political implications.

Metaphysically, through her work with Course in Miracles, she accepts “Nothing but God’s love exists and what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.” Practically, however, understanding the creative power of our thoughts and words and our propensity for separation, she sees God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, the Illuminator, as a bridge between our shadow and our light. This reminds us that the darkness is not real, and through prayer with the willingness to separate the truth from illusion, we are open to seeing others and ourselves differently.

Cultivating the sacred in our lives gives us space to stay connected to our spiritual reality, seeing how busyness can be our enemy and how communing with others in a holy space can bring balance and peace. With awareness of the ubiquitous negative thoughts, you can place yourself in the flow of gratitude, eliminating self-hatred and affirming others at the same time. “Prayer is a force; meditation harmonizes the energies of the universe; and forgiveness transforms the heart.”

Energy created in a group is a collective shadow, magnified and growing exponentially–with fear or love. The challenge is to love with a greater conviction than to the hate and fear of terrorism. The illumination of our true needs comes not from rational evidence but from a mystery for the realms of pure potentiality.

Apprehension about our shadow is easily seen and felt until we come to see that our darkness also hides our light, and “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We are powerful beyond measure.” Our consciousness and our choices expand to embrace our wholeness and the love our Source has given to us all.

Book Review – The Laws of Spirit – by Dan Millman

  “We can’t teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”

            Galileo Galilei – Preface 1995

    Dan Millman states: “All journeys are true, but not all are factual.” We           find the laws on the winding paths of life within our intuitive wisdom and     without in the natural world.

 This is an adventure story, an encounter in the wilderness of northern California between the author and a mysterious woman, a mountain sage who offered to share with him her secrets of alchemy. Her secrets were not of turning lead into gold but of transmuting one’s fears, confusion, concerns and difficulties that arise into “the gold of freedom and clarity, serenity and joy” in the laws of Spirit. She explained she had found Spirit in all religions and its laws functioning throughout the universe, as do the mechanics of the universe.  Following these laws leads to prosperity and fulfillment—peace in the light of higher understanding; resistance leads to challenging consequences.

The Law of Balance is first, reminding us we can overdo and underdo on all levels of our being. Her examples are experiential, such as imagining the feeling of calm the egret experiences standing on one leg at the edge of a pond. We learn to discern the difference between ‘normal,’ which could be high tension, and what is true balance and inner peace. The way to find that serene center is through doing and becoming more aware of the imbalances of living your life that need balancing.

The Law of Choices allows us to reclaim our power—choosing our response to circumstances in life and taking action to follow through with it. The sage’s declaration that all choices serve in their own way is a comforting thought, however it feels in the process.

The Law of Process addresses the steps and awareness involved in bringing change, achieving a goal, as well as honoring the completion of each step of preparation toward what has special meaning to us.

The Law of Presence is exemplified in Margaret Bonnano’s quote, “It’s only possible to live happily ever after on a moment to moment basis.” Dealing with what is in front of you is where your body is in the here and now.

The Law of Compassion is defined as “the recognition that we are each doing the best we can within the limits of our current beliefs and capacities.” This freeing thought precludes our judgment of others when we realize Carl Jung’s adage that we reject in others what we cannot accept within ourselves. Acknowledging such tendencies within us brings our shadow side to the light, where compassion and healing can benefit all. It starts with forgiving ourselves. When faced with violence and human cruelty each of us can decide what kind of energy—love or hate—that we want to project into our world. We can learn to see all people as teachers.

The Law of Faith is about trusting in Spirit, universal love and wisdom working through us all. The sage speaks of God as a feeling of wonder and mystery rather than belief and accepts whatever happens can serve a higher purpose for our well-being regardless of how it appears. Awareness of your faith comes from listening to the intuitive wisdom of your heart, not from books, teachers, scientists and psychics. So often we seek outside us for what is within from our birth. External influences can guide you to your internal treasure. Your path may present obstacles, and your faith brings you the willingness to risk, make mistakes and move forward in the process of life.

The Law of Expectation expands our reality. Imagination, assumptions and beliefs at the deepest level determine your experience. Blocks to the realization of what we want come up as doubts in the possibility of achieving it. By expressing aloud all the reservations involved and reassessing can clear the mind’s energy. The perception and focus shifts so that negativity doesn’t hold you back. Our limitations are only in our beliefs in problems; beliefs in solutions change our life and our world.

The Law of Integrity is described as living our truth, our authentic interior reality expressed by our example, not only our words, for our own as well as others’ awareness. Completeness and unity are inferred in being yourself and knowing that is ‘enough’ even with our vulnerabilities.

The Law of Action is demonstrated beyond the thought and into our behavior, the doing that leads to understanding and moving into life. The sage delivers the message: “It’s better to do what is best than not to do it and have a good excuse.” Still, options require consideration that nonaction may be best in certain circumstances. Key is turning to your heart’s wisdom and being aware of your tendencies of impulsivity or inertia.

The Law of Cycles speaks to us of nature’s patterns in time and space. As Kahlil Gibran wrote, “In every winter’s heart lies a quivering spring, and behind the veil of each night waits a smiling dawn.” Change is life, and we often cling to the familiar, comforted in the assumption of control and order. The lessons from nature, e.g. seeds produce only their own kind, you reap what you sow, and cycles end before another begins, enhance our days and our own evolution, a ripening process.

The Law of Surrender points to acceptance of a higher will that involves receiving what is in the present, including your body, mind, and spirit and your life without resistance. Belief in the wisdom of your heart leads to spiritual growth and greater consciousness. “Learn to wish that everything should come to pass exactly as it does.” was the instruction of Epictetus, the ancient Greek philosopher, to his students. By relaxing the body surrenders to the moment versus rigidly holding to what ‘should’ happen. With practice, we can perceive all we behold as Spirit and that life is a mystery beyond our comprehension.

The Law of Unity awareness requires a shift in perception on a higher plane—coming to realize that we re not separate beings on an earth of infinite diversity but rather One Being, One Consciousness. The paradox depends on seeing both perspectives on the state of our awareness—the individual entities vs. parts of the whole. The choice becomes ours. The concept begins as incredulous to our comprehension. The sage, however, suggests being open to feeling it—a sense of deep connection to your presence at that moment, bringing pure peace and joy. How would your life, your reality change by embracing a vision of humanity as One? The oneness dissolves the wounding and heals the wounded with compassion for all creation.

The Laws of Spirit are intended for bearing courage, love and understanding. Yet powerful as these laws are, the sage concludes, without the Law of Love–your connection to your heart’s wisdom–they are secondary. Her prayers for us all: “May you find grace as you surrender to life. May you find happiness, as you stop seeking it. May you come to trust these laws and inherit the wisdom of the Earth. May you reconnect with the heart of nature and feel the blessings of Spirit.” All together they light our journey and remind us of the love that surrounds each of us and the peace that perpetuates.

Nancy  B. Martin

Certified Practitioner


Practitioner Interview – Elizabeth Polito

Beth Polito, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, New York City, NY

 Interviewed by Nancy Martin, Certified Practitioner, Providence, RI

Congratulations on your certification, Beth! We welcome this opportunity to introduce you to your colleagues.

Please tell us about yourself—what you do for a living and what is your background?

 My name is Elizabeth Polito and I became a Certified Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning® in April of 2010.  I am a former Broadway Performer, and have been singing, dancing, and acting since the age of 6.  I hold a BA in Theatre and Dance from the University of Buffalo.  I am currently working as a healing practitioner and Yoga Instructor.  In addition to offering Resonance Repatterning, I am a Teaching Assistant with The Reconnection, a new form of healing that accesses a very broad frequency of energy, light and information.  I travel with the team helping to teach seminars worldwide.  I am also one of only 6 Certified Reconnective Yoga instructors in the world, and am very involved in bringing this new type of Yoga, which combines these healing frequencies with a Yoga practice,  forward and out into the world.  You can learn more info about this work at

How did you learn about Resonance Repatterning ?

 I learned about Resonance Repatterning in 2007 when a friend/teacher mentioned the work to me.  I was on Broadway at the time, and was working as a Life Coach teaching Higher Awareness to clients.  I became intrigued, and felt like it was something I might like to study.  All of the pieces began falling into place–I was thrilled to learn that Meryl Chodosh-Weiss was teaching the work right here in NYC, where I currently live, and I applied and was granted a scholarship from Career Transitions for Dancers to fund part of my training.  I began taking the seminars, and I fell in love with Repatterning.  I became a regular member of Meryl’s Monthly Practitioner Support Group, and I was able to easily transition my Higher Awareness Coaching clients into Repatterning Clients.  The shifts they experienced were huge!  Through the support of Meryl and our NYC group, I was able to follow the path toward Certification, fine tune my skills, ask lots of questions, observe fellow practitioners, and practice, practice, practice!  I am so proud and grateful to be a member of that extraordinary group of NYC-based practitioners.  It makes all the difference to have a support network, especially when you are starting out.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

I am very proud of my Repatterning work with a not-for-profit called Further Shore, based out of Flagstaff, AZ (  I am part of a team of pracitioners offering pre-hospice healing support and education for terminal patients or those facing end-of-life concerns.  We support the mission of living well and dying with dignity.  I have had the great honor of doing sessions with terminally diagnosed clients and been the witness to shifts that have transformed them to new places of forgiveness, freedom, and peace before they leave their bodies.  And I do all of my sessions with them on the phone!  One particular client was able to truly forgive and release a grievance he had been carrying toward his brother for over 20 years!  He was able to be in a space of peace and love as he transitioned.  It was so beautiful.

I am also proud to have incorporated my love of Repatterning with my love for the Moon.  Last May I started a Lunar Repatterning Proxy Group.  I do 4 proxy sessions each month that coincide with the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter.  The group is ongoing, and consists of healers, artists, mothers, film-makers, dancers, teachers, yogis, lawyers, and lightworkers.  It has been an amazing experience, and I have gotten wonderful feedback from the members.  The shifts are truly palpable, and I am always amazed at the depth of the sessions.  Many Repatterning Practitioners are members of the Lunar Group, and I would be honored to have more of our RPA members check it out.  My website is

What are some examples of a session that stand out in your life?

One of the most powerful sessions that comes to mind is one I received this past January.  I was in the middle of grieving a death, had left my 10-year relationship, and had moved homes all within 6 months.  My life was completely in transition, and I was non-coherent.  I had not eaten in five days, could not stop crying, couldn’t sleep, and was just beside myself.  Meryl Chodosh-Weiss did a session with me, and by the end of the session I immediately knew that it had a positive effect because I actually began to feel hungry!  I can’t even remember what Repatterning came up, but the session literally moved me through a dark time and allowed me to move forward.  I ate a meal that day, and actually became more emotionally calm.  I also was able to sleep uninterrupted for the first time in weeks.  That repatterning session was a turning point for me.  It shifted me out of being “stuck” in my grief and allowed me to move forward toward my future.

What would you like to see RPA do for its newest members?

 One thing I would love the RPA to do is to help us get the word out about things we are doing.  I would love to be able to reach members to share events or activities that I am hosting or teaching.  For example, I am teaching a Reconnective Yoga class in NYC, and I would love to share that with any locals who are interested.  I also host a game called Ilumination, The Quest, which is a powerful tool of transformation based on the wisdom of The Tarot.  I would love to be able to let people know what I am doing.

What five words would describe you?

Passionate, loving, spunky, sensitive, powerful

Do you have a motto?

A motto?  Hmm…Speak your truth fully, gently, and lovingly.  If someone has a problem with what you have expressed, that is THEIR stuff!

More information about Elizabeth Polito and her services may be found at the following:  is my personal site  is about The Reconnection and Reconnective Yoga is the not-for-profit I work with

Practitioner Interview: Richard Perrin

Welcome to Richard Perrin

Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Toronto, Ontario

Interviewed by Nancy Martin, Certified Practitioner, Providence, RI

Richard, congratulations on becoming a Certified Practitioner! Your colleagues would like to know more about you.

Please tell us about yourself–what you do for a living and what is your background?

Originally from Sydney, Nova Scotia, living now in Toronto, Ontario.  More of an arts background…music, theater, writing.  Have done some film, t.v., commercial work, stage.  Wrote and acted in the play  “Dangerous Dives and How To Do Them,” 2003. I have a new musical comedy in the works,  “A Tango For Tumultuous Times,” and a novel, nearly completed, “Cechetti For The Common Ant.”
I bartend a few nights a week in a hotel bar.

How did you learn about Resonance Repatterning?

I play the harmonium in a chanting/meditation-based Yoga Center, in Toronto.  In 1999, there were some issues within the music department that were requiring some attention.  One of the members of our department is a friend of Carolyn Winter, a Toronto-based Resonance Repatterning Practitioner.  Carolyn was invited to lead us through a group repatterning and quickly and magically changed the frequency around the issue and got us re-oriented in a  direction that we needed to go in.  Our group was once again harmonious!
I immediately contacted her for a private session.  I love her, she is an amazing practitioner and person. In 2003, Kathie Joblin, led the introductory  one-day Resonance Repatterning Workshop, in Toronto. I was hooked!  I spent the next several years taking the Resonance Repatterning Seminars.  I adored the classes, my wonderful teachers, new friends, and  my travels  to Scottsdale, Kansas City, Austin, and Bellingham.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

Well, I was working through some pretty thorny issues for a number of years, (maybe lifetimes!) and although I had worked through the psychology of the problems, which was hugely beneficial and necessary, I still seemed to attract the same type of  conflicts and difficulties into my life.  With Resonance Repatterning I was able to profoundly shift my frequency around the issues, and that is when I began to notice that life was “showing up”  differently for me.  So for me, it really is a wonderful, magical tool to help us co-create our lives.

What are some examples of a session that stand out in your life?

One that stands out for me was in 2006, Healing the Family Systems 1, with Carin Block, in Toronto.  It was Taking the Parents Repatterning, and I was being repatterned by Carin, for the purpose of modeling this section to the class.  The issue that came up, in regard to taking my father, was that everything in my life was a struggle, a huge strain, since I did not have any ‘”father energy” in my life. In fact,  I had never actually met my biological father, and I never really had that type of support.   Well, a week later I was in the hospital being operated on for a hernia that I had had since birth.  Talk about a physical repercussion to an energetic shift!

What would you like RPA to do for its newest members?

I’m pretty wow-ed!  There is so much support!  It’s awesome.  i.e. Carolyn Winter’s 6-week seminar, Practitioner’s Marketing Toolbox, TurboCharge Your Business with Don Giberson and Karen Kent, and Carolyn’s Blogging Clinic. So I’m working through these seminars, and there is such great material and support here. The journal, these interviews! I think RPA is doing lots!  I am really thrilled.

Do you have a motto?  What five words describe  you?

For my work as a  Resonance Repatterning Practitioner:  A steady, loving presence to help others to connect with their innate wisdom, creativity, and healing potential.

More information about Richard Perrin and his services may be found at his website:

Thank you so much, Richard, for sharing your interests, experience and enthusiasm.


What a gift ! ! ! It is part of our inherited abundance and available to everyone–at no cost and at every age! Starting out in this world, we laugh before we learn to speak words. At age 92 the Boston marathon runner Gladys Barrow was asked prior to this Patriot’s Day race, her 8th consecutive participation, how she managed to compete? She said she stays fit and always finds things to laugh about. Laughter connects people–to others and to themselves.

There’s more energy and benefit in sharing laughter than laughing by yourself. The bonds created in laughing together with someone act as a strong buffer against stress, disagreements and disappointment. And you don’t need a sense of humor to express laughter, just a willingness to risk some loss of control. Who hasn’t been on a belly-laugh roll and tried to stop because the occasion seems to call for less than hilarity–for some of those present?

Where does laughter come from? It comes from stress that accumulates in the body-mind system–and it seems as if there is more than enough of that to go around. Yes, it comes from stress and it deals with stress most effectively in myriad ways.

Physically, “the diaphragm, thorax, abdomen, heart, lungs, and even the liver are given a massage during a hearty laugh,” according to Dr. Marvin E. Herring of New Jersey’s School of Osteopathic Medicine. Laughter brings more oxygen to the body and brain, increases the count of natural killer cells which help the immune system destroy cancer cells and resist disease, improves blood circulation to the coronary arteries and dilates the blood vessels to help reduce blood pressure (from the work of Dr. Michael Miller of Maryland University), and  Dr. Lee Berk’s study confirms that “laughter therapy significantly helps to bring down blood sugar levels, thereby controlling diabetes.” Ten minutes of healthy laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine was established scientifically by Dr. William Fry from Stanford University, who sees it as the best cardio workout with benefits similar to jogging, swimming and cycling.  Through relieving tension and stress, muscles relax and pain is diminished, or at least we are less overwhelmed.

Mentally, laughter affords a different, healthier perspective to problem solving. Not only are the physical benefits supporting the laughing individual, but the person can apply a more playful approach to a challenging issue, increasing the possibilities. It enhances resilience and helps defuse conflict. People practicing Laughter Yoga report higher energy levels and improved mental attitude, and Laughter Yoga groups are springing up all over the country.

Emotionally, laughter impacts the number one sickness in the world–depression–by lowering stress hormones, helping to release neurotransmitters from the brain cells,  lifting mood and increasing intimacy. It brings people to the present moment, eases anxiety and fear, adds zest and joy to life, and promotes a positive, optimistic outlook through difficult situations. That hearty laugh can help you relax and recharge, increasing energy and your ability to stay focused. Making a conscious effort to incorporate more humor and play in your daily interactions can improve your relationships at every level. As Enda Junkins says in her book We Need to Laugh More, “Laughter is feeling deeply which allows us to live fully.”

What do we laugh at? It could be anything and everything that gets our attention and doesn’t fit our expectation. In an effort to break away from being overly serious, laughing at yourself is often suggested. However, being laughed at can carry a negative connotation. So laughing with yourself is a more comfortable approach for me.

I offer a meta exercise, which Chris Belanger defined at his Laughter Meditation workshop as a “loving kindness” exercise. He started the group with everyone giving him/herself a big hug and laughing with self. It doesn’t take long to get really swept up in the laughter roaring, bubbling, chuckling, giggling, snickering, and/or snorting. After many minutes, we were silenced with a chime and instructed to close our eyes and notice what was going on inside our body, how we were feeling. Following the time to integrate that first part, we continued the cycle in sequence: with eyes closed and arms crossed over our chest, we envisioned laughing with someone we loved; with elbows bent and hands raised facing forward, we envisioned laughing with someone we knew casually but not well; with arms extended upward, we envisioned laughing with someone with whom we have had a difficult relationship; with arms extended outward, we envisioned laughing with the world. It was a profound experience for me, one in which during a silence I felt completely at one with the room and all it embraced; there were no boundaries, no limits. I felt the ultimate in peace and calm.

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine AND it feels fabulous! So laugh out loud, look and listen for ever more opportunities to express your feelings in helpful ways and bring others along with you.

Laughter is an instant vacation – Milton Berle

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. – Victor Borge

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. – Yiddish Proverb

Laughter gives us distance.  It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on. – Bob Newhart

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. – e.e. cummings

Seven days without laughter makes one weak. – Mort Walker

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. – Victor Hugo

By Nancy B. Martin

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