Practitioner Interview: Isabel Hope Thomas by Nancy Martin


Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Mesa, Arizona

Congratulations on completing all the requirements for certification in July 2011 and now managing the time for our interview questions!

Please tell us about yourself—what you do for a living and what is your background and education.

On April 12, 1952, I was born in Oil City, Pennsylvania, the Saturday before Easter to two wonderful people who desperately wanted a child.  After 13 years of marriage they had all but given up when I was conceived.  I was named Isabel for a much-loved, childless aunt and Hope because I was a fulfillment of all their prayers and hope.  Even my last name, Hanawalt,  provided me with a rich heritage. I was very blessed and loved right from the beginning.  Two years later came another blessing when my brother was born and completed our family.  I spent 11 years growing up in that small town before we moved to Mesa, Arizona for the remainder of my childhood.

As far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a ‘Mom.’ I even majored in Home Economics so I could be the best mom ever!  I got married in 1972 and my dream came true.  I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for 16 years and live in five different states.  I worked outside the home only occasionally as a volunteer in parent organizations and scouting or doing small sales like Avon and Tupperware.

Then in 1989 my 12-year-old son became ill with what was thought to be leukemia, but the doctors could not confirm their diagnosis.  They wanted us to wait and see.  For us, doing nothing was not an option, and so began a journey into alternative medicine that ended in a healthy child and me becoming a Holistic Practitioner.

I love helping people who have been told there is no hope, so my practice is called Hope Enterprises.  I have scaled my practice back to one day a week to take care of my five grandchildren.  This year my youngest, Grandie, will go to school, so I plan to expand my practice once again.  I also look forward to being more involved in Resonance Repatterning with some of the additional time.

How did you learn about Resonance Repatterning?

Now that’s a bit of a story.

The main focus of my practice was Homeopathy and Nutrition.  I believe, like Dr. Edward Bach, that all disease comes from emotions, and I used flower remedies along with the emotional aspects of other Homeopathics to address my clients’ concerns. Even though I have certifications in many various methods of emotional clearing and kinesiology, most of my clients were more comfortable taking remedies.

In 1999, on three separate occasions, three different clients told me about a process using Holographics for healing.  Another asked me if there was a faster way to be pain free than using remedies.  One client even went so far as to research the details and bring me a registration form. I always listen when something comes to me three times.  So I registered for a class on Holographic Repatterning being taught by Chloe Wordsworth and discovered I had found my home.  This method brought everything I knew into one wonderful process.  I began using it right away!  I was successful and content being a student practitioner for a long time then I felt that nudge again three plus times–so I set out on the certification journey!  And here I am certified and still helping people with Resonance Repatterning some 13 years now.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

It is a life line.

For family, clients and friends: Resonance Repatterning is a wonderful healing tool.  This powerful process has allowed quantum changes in people so they can realize their full potential and live “pain free without remedies.”  This process gives the mother in me, who wants to help and give hope to everyone, a vehicle to do just that.

For me personally:  I had just lost my mother and I grieved hard and long for her.   Resonance Repatterning gave me a way to heal myself.  I now once again have a desire to live, and my zest for life is far greater than I ever thought possible.  I love new possibilities! And my intention is to always explore them!

What are some examples of sessions that stand out in your life?

How many wonderful adjectives can you apply to this amazing process that was conceived out of the love and generosity of one fabulous woman?  Every time I see or receive a session I am quite literally blown away by the power and, dare I say, majesty of Resonance Repatterning.  To pick just one to share about is a real challenge! Being up for that challenge I have an example of the power of a positive action.

I was privileged to receive a session from Chloe.  You see I have a hard time letting go.   As a child of parents who lived through the ‘Great Depression,’ I learned that everything was saved and had value.  Having a garage that was full and had overflowed into an off-site storage unit, I needed to see that those things would also have value for others now and I did not have to keep them for my future needs.  Adding to the problem was that a lot of the things had belonged to my parents, and there was a fair amount of guilt and grief in letting go of those things.

I was also on the doorstep of a new decade of my life and I wanted a clean slate. Often a session is not what you think. While I was interested in a fabulous new decade ahead, there were other priorities afoot! I don’t remember the exact repatterning. I do remember that I felt and was powerless and would not come into my power until (positive action) the garage was cleaned out! Oh no! And it had to be done in three months! So with all good intentions my husband and I set out to clean the garage, but the door broke in half (don’t go there!) and we couldn’t even get in it. More than a year passed before I entered my new decade and celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary. We finally got the garage a new door and—presto–the garage was clean!  By now I had all but given up on my power….when two days later I realized I had been going like “a house a fire” getting things accomplished. I had clarity and was focused and, yes, I felt very powerful!! It really happened–I came into my power!

My reason for choosing to share this is to let everyone know while it is important to complete a positive action in a timely manner, just completing it for me was the most important thing!  It still brought amazing results.  So don’t give up or give in–do that positive action, shift that energy and complete those quantum changes! You’ll be glad you did.

What would you like to see the RPA do for its newest members?

How about a mentoring program? I know this is a techno world but the personal contact in my opinion cannot be substituted. In some ways I feel as though we have lost our sense of community in the Resonance Repatterning world. I realize how much work went into the “in-person” annual conferences, but I would like to see them return even if they are every two or three years. Everyone likes belonging and being supported, and those for me would be a way of providing for all of us.

Do you have a motto?

To honor God in everything I do, live by the ‘Golden Rule’ and strive to be like the women of Proverbs 31.  (31:10-31).

What five words describe you?

A friend recently called me Kaleidoscope–I rather like that.  In Greek it means beautiful.  Like the kaleidoscope, I tend to be colorful, shapely and faceted!  I am also quite loquacious and friendly, creative and intelligent.  OK that’s more than five, but then in Resonance Repatterning we tend to use positive descriptive words a lot.

If there is something special about you that you’d like to share, needless to say, we’re eager to hear.

A couple of things:

One of my favorite things to do is make people smile.  I love to find the grumpiest person in the room and get a laugh or a smile; often I get a hug as well.  In college I worked as a waitress when a BIG tip was a $1.  Once after I made a senior gentleman smile, his wife gave me a $5 tip and said it was the most pleasant meal she’d ever had with him!

I have been given the gift of song. I use it in many ways, including 16 years with a group called Faithful Heart. As a group we have recorded a gospel CD.  It is my goal to make my own CD that can be shared not just for pleasure but also for healing, balancing and overall coherence.

I’m a trained Bible study leader. I love examining the scripture to find the original meaning in Hebrew and Greek.  I am always amazed at how much is lost in the translation. In many ways it is like Resonance Repatterning–finding what was lost in the “translation.”

Isabel Hope Thomas

Thank you for sharing your story, Isabel. You have a broad base of experience and training to bring hope, peace and joy to your world.

To Contact Isabel: 

Home/Office 480-730-1766

The author of Practitioner Interviews, Nancy B. Martin is a Certified Practitioner from Providence, RI and who serves on the RPAJournal committee.

Author: nancybmartin

Thought Leader on Aging

2 thoughts on “Practitioner Interview: Isabel Hope Thomas by Nancy Martin”

  1. I am so happy to meet you, Isabel. You have what sounds like a dream life to me…to be a wanted child, to know, resonate with and manifest mothering and home and community. To be an at-home Grandma. And then the icing on the cake…to sing! AND to be so wise as to be a resonance repatterning practitioner. Many HUGE congratulations on all your accomplishments! Welcome aboard!


  2. Isabel – welcome to the RPA! I have to agree with you on the importance of positive actions. We can often discount them because it they seem so everyday like or overly simple. I recall an action requiring the client to clean out a book shelf especially the 3rd shelf from the bottom. Turns out, in the doing they found some misplaced valuable papers!

    I know it’s already been a year, but congratulations on becoming a certified practitioner and many blessings for your practice.


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