From Self Punishment to Abundance

Recently I made a mistake in my schedule.  I scheduled two people at the same time.  The client that left without a session was the last client I would have wanted to do this to.  She is eight years old, does not talk.  She is beautiful and absolutely fascinating.  I feel so honored to get to work with her.

I felt devastated and frozen in fear. What if her family is so angry they do not want to come back?  I was so angry at myself!  What if all of my clients get angry at me and never want to see me again?  What if I lose my credentials to do this work?  What if I lose my house and the only place I have to live is in a culvert?  What would my mother and father say, think of me?

You can see where this was going.  My fear and shame was going stronger and stronger.  Everything we think has a vibration.  If we repeat a thought coupled with strong emotions—for better or worse—those thoughts take on a form, a vibration.  Sure enough, the next day, several of my clients did not show up.  Things were definitely headed in the exact direction that I feared.  My mind was manifesting my thoughts very rapidly.

So many people are having problems now.   We are manifesting what we think faster than ever before.   My trauma is small potatoes compared to what others are experiencing.

It is my opinion that at this point in our human evaluation everyone knows that things are changing.  In fact, two things are happening:  First, we are now living in a time in which—at a faster and faster rate, our negative thoughts are creating our experiences in our world.  Of course, at the same time our positive thoughts are doing the same.  And second, we humans are changing our unique vibrational patterns.  We are in a process of changing from being in the dead end  a mode of  “survival of the fittest” to a glorious mode of  “sharing to survive.”    Instead of taking from others, instead of priding ourselves on what is ours and those who are of our group, we are developing the qualities of tolerance, honesty, cooperation.  More and more of us understand that for us to survive and thrive on this planet, we must share what we have with others. This transformation will occur over the next ten years until only a very few of us will be in the first group.

Each of us are very much like snowflakes, we each have a very unique vibratory pattern.  We each have a very unique piece of the gigantic puzzle that is necessary to create our new Planet Earth.  The tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and floods are all a part of the Earth shifting into this new way of being.   Just as we humans are shifting, the crumbling of institutions and wars are a transitionary phase of our shift.  Every creature on the planet; and Earth Herself is shifting.  Our Mother Earth is going through birth pangs in the process of creating this New Earth.  Humanity is going through birth pangs as we create a new race of humankind.

You and I are shifting.  And this shift is going to happen to everyone sooner or later.  Sometimes we think we are doing something wrong.  Maybe, for example, there is something I am very good at and do all the time.  I know how to do it.  Then all of a sudden, it’s not working any more.  I am not achieving the same results.  The challenge can come when I judge and blame myself.  Self-doubt can sap the energy that I have for going from one level to the next.

What is happening?  The Earth is making changes in order to provide space for humanity to change.  Because Earth and everyone on it is changing, things that worked in the past just don’t work any more.  People are loosing their jobs, moving, relationships are changing. It may be very painful, but things just don’t work anymore.

We all knew this was going to happen.  But the time is now and we are here.  This is not something to worry about.  No!  It is something to be happy about–even though it is difficult to remember when tragedy and stresses happen.

So what can we do while going through this transformation that we are now experiencing?

We can be gentle and loving toward ourselves.  What seems to be big mistakes could possibly simple be our adjusting to changes—just as is happening with our Earth.  When we appear to be making mistakes, it could be that things happen for a purpose.  Take my beautiful client who’s appointment I missed—she, too is going through huge changes.  She has just changed to a new school that is 45 minutes away from her home.  She feels overwhelmed and over stimulated.  Perhaps giving her a break, a much needed break, from our work together was unconsciously mutually agreed upon to give her what she needed most—rest.

Sometimes we mean to give out one signal and others understand something else.  As we adjust to the changes around us, it is very helpful to share with others—with our words—our fears and difficulties we are experiencing.

If you have a talent, if you have found a technique that works really well, share it.  Why?  It’s not because everyone is in such a bad place, but because we have evolved.  Have you noticed that in the past, time after time, you have struggled and were not heard?  You were not able to get your message out, because people did not have a high enough vibration to listen or understand.  Now you are here and you have something to say and you have something to do that will make a difference.  Now is the time for the longed for miracles to happen in your life.  You can now manifest what you have always dreamed of—even if you don’t know exactly what it is.

In summary, treat yourself and others with great respect.  Support others on the path and get help for yourself when you need it.  This is a wonder planet we live on and it is a most joyous time to be alive.

Sally Herr, MA

Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Author: Sally Herr

Sally Herr is the owner of New Era Therapies in Portland, Maine. She is a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Registered CranioSacral Therapist®, Polarity Practitioner and Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner. Sally serves on the Board of Directors of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.

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