Welcoming a new vision for a new year

I received a wonderfully gentle resonance repatterning session today which left me feeling relaxed in my body in a way that I have never felt before. I can only describe it as a kind of liquid warmth, melting quietly and calmly into me. The image that comes to mind is of golden molten light, like the sun’s rays reflecting on gentle waves that are smooth and curvy and so so quiet.  And the sound is of aaaaaahhhh ….. and mmmmmmm …. almost imperceptible.

source: writerscafe.org/writing/cfroman/747169

How welcome this feeling is at the end of a week where my mind is tired from working on the computer.

Thinking about the New Year and of what to write here has also been a central theme. It being THE time that many of us talk about setting our goals for the year ahead or making new year resolutions, pondering how to show up in the world, shiny and bright, with purpose and passion, I had thought this would be a good topic for the beginning of January.

Until now that is, when Resonance Repatterning stops me in my tracks and gives me something more majestic to ponder.

One statement today captured me as I was asked to repeat its words. I hardly ever recall what comes up in a repatterning session afterwards (either when giving or receiving) yet today this statement sits boldly before me.

“My inner light gives me clear vision”

…. These words make me pause …. and become still.

When I expected to be writing about setting intentions and goals, seeing them out there ahead of me, illuminated clearly between me and the horizon, I did not anticipate being brought back here, to stand in the midst, to be in the moment, to experience the light inside.

No matter how much I know that we are connected to the source and that all we need is already within us, I am still drawn to thinking that I need to set my sights on things outside of me, things I need to accomplish, and achievements that will make me feel accomplished.

To notice how my mind can put out these persuasive messages, that this time “I just need to set New Year’s resolutions in a more effective way in order to achieve them”, is enough to call its bluff. Thank God for resonance repatterning and the way it reminds me to let go of the repetitive patterns that do not work for me, like trying to set ever better new year resolutions or life goals.

Instead it reminds me to relax and step into the light within, trusting it to illuminate where I go and how I shine.

How magical a gift is resonance repatterning, enabling us to tap into the wisdom within and all around us, and to reconnect to our inner vision.
What a wonderful process to help us see our light within and reflect it around the globe.

source: 12throad.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/suncircle.jpg

What do you think, feel, believe, know? It will be lovely to hear from you. You can add a comment in the chat box below.

Also to find out more about Resonance Repatterning or receive a coaching or healing session contact me. Thank you ❤

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14 thoughts on “Welcoming a new vision for a new year”

  1. What a brilliant article, Carole! I enjoyed reading all of it and particularly your vivid description in the first paragraph and the utterly gorgeous image! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you Tabitha. Your joy is making me smile :). It’s so fabulous that we have this platform to share our thoughts, feelings and special moments with others! Years ago we would have had to be accepted by a publishing house and now blogging software, like WordPress, gives each one of us a voice. I look forward to hearing more of our voices in future.

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  2. This is a great article Carole. It reminds me to stay connected to my inner light even when I am doing mundane chores, social media shout-outs,or cooking. It’s easy for me to remember this when I am giving a session or having lunch with a friend. I look forward to experiencing more of my inner light this year and sharing it with others. This reminds me of a poem I used to say every morning:
    I am the light, The light is within me. The light surrounds me. The light protects me. I am the light. I plan on incorporating this poem again into my morning quiet time. Thanks again.

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    1. Thank you Victoria. Morning quiet time … sounds lovely ❤


  3. What an appropriate and perfect timing for an article to bring in the new year. Many claim that we should not make resolutions because we set ourselves for failure. Usually based on the “simple” same goals every like year … like to exercise more or lose those extra 10 lbs … What we miss are the vision goals that in the end would manifest those and lifetime goals that are more essential to our wellbeing. Great article!

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    1. Thank you Marie. You’re right, its seeing the bigger vision that pulls along our other goals. What I was writing about was the special moments when I see the vision, when my eyes are fully open and I can see through the veil of negative thoughts and emotions, when I am again in touch with the Divine light. When all of our senses our open to see, feel, and breathe in the Divine light, when we are in touch with the all encompassing field of energy that we call unconditional love, we get in touch with our purpose. It’s like a beacon of light arrives and guides us on our true path, lighting up the road ahead and revealing the journey within to take us there.


  4. Wonderful encouragement!! my favorite take away is “…relax and step into the light within, trusting it to illuminate where I go and how I shine.” I will use and share that a lot this year! Thank you Carole! Love the mandala shining in this new year!!

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    1. Thanks Isabel, I am happy you’ll be using the phrase that especially resonated with you. Those words came to me without thinking, very soon after the RR session I received.
      You mentioning this to others reflects my wish for this year: that anyone reading the articles here at the RPA Journal will click ‘like” or “share” because in doing so the light around Resonance Repatterning will travel further and brighter … and touch the lives of more people.


    1. Oh that’s so lovely to know, Sophia. Thank you. Your area of Greece is bliss so your words are truly appreciated. Resonance Repatterning is indeed a transporting experience.


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