Integrating what you know with what you know!

An Interview with Karen Kent, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner by Ardis Ozborn

I had the privilege recently of interviewing Karen Kent, the president of the RPA . We discussed  how she integrates what she has studied throughout her life with Resonance Repatterning. Karen has a rich background. She studied at the University of Kansas and received undergraduate degrees in psychology and fine arts. She went on to get her Masters degree in social work and started her career. Karen worked in a hospital with a specialty in geriatrics. She became frustrated with the limitations of working for a federal agency. They required extensive paperwork and did not encourage creativity. She was introduced to Resonance Repatterning and quickly realized the potential to help people in a deeper more creative way. After 25 years, she left the medical/hospital experience and opened a  private psychotherapy practice. With this freedom she was able to combine her new learning and alternative approaches with her solid psychological foundation to her clients. At the same time Karen was raising two children. In dealing with the challenges of raising her children she soon realized that her situation was not unique. There were many children and parents experiencing the same issues. She found the opportunity of the problem by creating a support system for parents and children who were struggling. I think you will find her ideas very interesting and perhaps will inspire you to integrate what you have learned in the past with Resonance Repatterning.

We are drawn to this work because we want to heal ourselves and others. Many students and practitioners, who have a rich and diverse background, are not sure  how to blend their knowledge into this structure. Resonance Repatterning  invites your expertise. It’s not either/or but how to include ALL that we know to enrich our practice.

Enjoy this recording.


Ardis Ozborn

PS – My interview with Karen has inspired me to explore this topic further with practitioners.  Find Out more at my blog and join us.


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Bio – Ardis Ozborn is one of the founding members of the Repatterning Association and held the role of President when it was called the Holographic Repatterning Association.  She is a long time licensed teacher of Resonance Repatterning, an adviser and facilitates teacher training in addition to presenting seminars.

250_KarenKent011Karen Kent is a Certified Resonance Repatterning® practitioner, Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant and Teacher, Certified Spiritual Restructuring Teacher, Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Masters of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has a full time practice in Hightstown, New Jersey.  Find out more about Karen and her work at her website:  Windsor Holistic Health

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