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Certification Corner is a regular column of the Repatterning Journal, written by the members of the Certification Board, Clare Doyle, Mary Cameris and Paula Caplan. Each issue focuses on information about the RPA Repatterning Certification process and Certification issues.

Great news! Your certification board has been working on making modification changes for becoming a certified practitioner of the Resonance Repatterning system.  It was important for us to maintain the integrity of the Certification process while streamlining the process for students to get certified. We are happy to announce that the modifications policy was passed on August 1, 2012 and is to take effect immediately. There will also be a “grandfathering” period. The goal is for everyone who is affected by the certification modifications to have their questions answered and to apply for certification by April 30, 2013. We will allow late requests through August 31, 2013, but after that the grandfathering period will end and the Certification Requirements as modified must be met as written in the policy and certification manual.

The new requirements are:

Phase I: Learning the Resonance Repatterning Process >> No changes

Phase II: Gaining Competence

The requirements have been modified as follows:

  • Five proxy sessions must be incorporated into the existing session categories.
  • Do 75 one-hour sessions with a client was reduced to 55 (At least 35 in person, 15 video-enabled Skype, and the remaining 5 any combination of phone, audio only Skype and/or proxy).
  • Do 20 one-hour self-sessions
  • Do each of the twenty-six different Repatternings from the basic seminars on yourself.
  • ELIMINATED the requirement to give ten one-hour, one-on-one sessions to peer students.
  • ELIMINATED the requirement to receive ten one-hour, one-on-one sessions from peer students.
  • ELIMINATED the requirement to observe two one-hour sessions given by a Meridian student to a third person and give feedback.**
  • ELIMINATED the requirement to be observed by a Meridian student as you give two one-hour sessions to a third person.**
  • Receive 5 sessions from at least 2 different certified practitioners (These can be done via video-enabled Skype.)

** It is suggested that student practitioners should incorporate practice sessions that are given and received from other meridian students.

Phase III: Demonstrating Competence

No changes in the requirements, but the method by which the requirements can be met have been expanded to include technological options such as video-enabled Skype, in addition to the high-quality DVD already allowed.

GRANDFATHER POLICY:  (We understand that many student practitioners have been working toward certification for a long time or have recently become certified and we are sorry that this policy couldn’t have been developed earlier to guide your path to certification. However we are always trying to listen to the needs of membership and are trying to craft policies that support the membership while maintaining the RPA’s standards of quality. Also technology has only recently become so advanced and ubiquitous that it allows us to incorporate its use to facilitate the certification process.)

What do these change means to me, and what should I do?

There may be a number of student practitioners who find themselves closer to certification than they realized. Some may even find that they have completed all the requirements and are ready to apply to become a Certified Practitioner. The first thing one should do is to reassess where they are in the certification process in view of the policy modifications and determine what else is needed to complete the process. If you have any questions, please let us know, as much of it will be handled on a case-by-case basis. What follows are some common questions that may arise, which can guide your thought processes, but these are not official determinations. Official determinations can only be made through calling or emailing the Certification Board or in response to the submission of the Certification Process application.


Q: I completed sessions in categories that were eliminated from the certification requirements, but I didn’t finish all 55 client sessions required; what can I do?

A: You can take sessions you did in other categories if they were eliminated and include them as client sessions.

Q: I completed sessions in categories that were eliminated, but I didn’t finish all the sessions in categories that still remain, what can I do?

A: It depends upon what was done and whether it can substitute for something outstanding. In the example above, if peer sessions were given, they can easily transfer to the general category of client sessions and count toward the requirement of 55 sessions given to clients. However, if someone completed all the requirements to give sessions, but did not get sessions from anyone else, then the extra sessions given still are not a viable substitute to receiving 5 sessions from at least 2 different Certified Practitioners.

Q: How long do I have to see if sessions I did in eliminated categories count?

A We ask that all questions and applications to become a Certified Practitioner who wishes to ask for special consideration — meaning one who does not meet the newly-passed Certification requirements one-hundred percent — should be submitted by April 30, 2013.

Q: If I don’t get my application in by April 30, 2013, is there any way I could still have my questions considered?

A: We will make allowances for late applicants through August 31, 2013. However, once September 1, 2013 arrives, all applications for certification must meet the new requirements 100%.

There may be numerous other questions. Please bring them to our next student call-in conference, on Monday, September 17, 2012. The conference call will begin at 7pm Eastern Standard Time and end at 8pm. If we have time there will be a Group Repatterning. You can register by clicking here:


Next month’s journal article will have good news concerning Designated Observers.

Certification Corner

Certification Corner is a regularly appearing column in the Repatterning Journal. Written by the members of the Certification Board, Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, Shirley Lanyi, Mary Cameris and Paula Caplan. Each issue will focus on information about the RPA  Repatterning Certification process and Certification issues. If you have a question that you would like to be answered in the Repatterning Journal you can email Meryl at meryl@beyourbliss.info.

Happy Autumn everyone! This season of the Metal element is about releasing and letting go of all that is no longer necessary so that values, quality, respect, organization, inspiration and a sense of the ideal can be energized and permeate our relationships in every aspect of our lives.

We are delighted to announce that Isabel Thomas, from Mesa Arizona, is our newest RPA Certified Practitioner. We send heartfelt congratulations to you Isabel for successfully completing your Certification Journey!

The Summer Seasonal conference call was widely attended and we hope that even more students and student practitioners will bring their questions and concerns to our Autumn Seasonal Conference call on Monday, November 14, 2011. The call begins at 7pm Eastern time and it will end at 8pm Eastern time. It will include a group repatterning. You can register by clicking here


The next Certification Board meeting is also on November 14, 2011, so you have just enough time to send in your Certification package if you are ready to apply to the Board.

Currently scheduled Practitioner Skills Development classes are:

New York, NY. with Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, November 12, 2011.

For more information contact the Designated Observer directly.

Please know that we have volunteered so that each Student Practitioner’s Certification journey can be as harmonious as possible. If there is any way that we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us either by calling 1.800.685.2811, option #3, by writing to us at Certification@RPAMembers.org  and by attending the Student / Student Practitioner/Certification Board Teleconferences, which are held four times a year.


Find out more about Resonance Repatterning Certification at the RPAMembers.org  site here.

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