President’s Letter

November 2011

What do the ipod, telephone, and internet have in common? According to Steve Jobs on a taped forum via the TV show 60 minutes on October 23, 2011, he says the common tool is the iphone.  OK, the phone, correct? Is it really far from the old landline that hung on the wall with the dial tone and manual piece, navigated by your index finger? Now this one device, called the iphone, integrates all your products and  software into that unit, thus integrating all your communications into one simple tool.

One cannot help but acknowledge how much ‘virtual’ relationships have changed the landscape of communication since the onset of the internet. The passing of Steve Jobs this month brings this to mind for me as he was the creator of the virtual relationship conduit. Because of this technology, we are able to build relationships with people whom we may never meet and shake hands with or hug. That can be viewed as  the upside of technology, while the downside is the loss of interpersonal  connection or the loss ‘to be seen by the heart,’ as Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen notes in her book “Kitchen Table Wisdom.”  To Be Seen By the Heart is the title of the chapter wherein she describes a moment in her life when she was 3 years old and she meets her dying godfather for the very first time. That moment ‘when we are seen by the heart we are seen for who we are. We are valued in our uniqueness by those who are able to see us in this way and we become able to know and value ourselves.’ When her godfather opened his eyes and saw her, he smiled at her and very softly said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you.’ He died moments later.

Our challenge for our current and future relationships is to obtain and maintain the heart connections with each other.  Our challenge as a member-driven organization is to maintain relationships and support all of us as best we can. Since we are in the virtual environment, we have to be even more diligent in connecting with each other.

To better serve you as a member of the RPA Association, we continue to improve our systems to meet your needs and improve our relationship. In the light of Steve Jobs’ contribution, I view these RPA changes in the spirit of efficiency, inclusion, expansion of services, and directly going out to meeting and addressing the needs of the uniqueness of each of our members. In addition, we have made some streamlined changes at the  Board level, but first before I introduce these to you, I want to share something from Dr. Steven Porges. He is a scientist , researcher, founder and author of the Polyvagal theory.  In a recent webinar I attended, he describes his Social Engagement System that centers on the Heart-Face Connection and the importance of voice, eye contact, and facial expressions. Taking his work and fast-forwarding it to the world of Steve Jobs and the current technology, Dr. Porges has this to say about relationships:

The phone stripped away the voice from the face.

The email stripped the word from the voice.

 While the technology will continue to speed forward, we can promote and demand the relationship coherence we expect and need to be with in partnership with each other.

We are trained as Resonance Repatterners in relationship coherence. I invite you to have that with each other and to have that with the RPA. Mutual give and take in this Association is dependent on the growth and stability of this Association. We have so much room for volunteering and new ideas. Please contact me or any of the Board members or Chairs and offer your support. We look forward to working with you!

We are very excited to share these updated and revised opportunities to maintain your CEU’s and share about the new Board structure!

Here are some of the wonderful changes we have made this year:

RPA Board Structure change:

The Board structure has changed from 12 seats on the Board to a 5-member Executive Board. We had our first meeting in October, and I am just thrilled with the Board support in moving in this direction. The Executive Board now consists of: Laura Frisbie, Secretary; Paula Caplan; Joie Jacobsen; Don Giberson; and myself. Josephine Rovari is present during meetings as the RPA Admin Assistant. All the other Board members have moved to Advisory Board chairs of their respective committees.

Continuing Education Changes:

An expanded list of modalities outside of Resonance Repatterning® for continuing education.

This year the Board backdated the timeframe for when non-Resonance Repatterning workshops and events could cover members for CEU’s. We can now go back to July 2010 for programs attended, and if the program is on the list of approved workshops,  you can get CEU credit for attendance. Follow the link for the approved modalities list and also to see how you can log your attendance on your MY Account page. Any workshop or program you attend, you will need to provide a copy to the RPA for record-keeping with the approved number of CEU’s stated on your certificate of attendance by your workshop host. Click here to see the expanded list of approved courses:

Then to update your account  and record of CEU’s, go to the My Account page at the member’s site. You will need your password to sign in.

These are for non-Resonance Repatterning Institute classes earned.  You will need to record the number of CEU’s designated and this needs to show up on your certificate of attendance. Instructions are located there on how to record online and where to mail your hard copy of record of attendance or, you can scan your record of attendance showing CEU’s to Josephine Rovari, the RPA Administrative Assistant. The address is provided on the website in this section.

We are very excited about these additions and how our operations are becoming streamlined and coordinated for efficient use of time and efficient ways to stay certified.

Blessings to each of you~

Karen Kent

President, RPA

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