Magui Block (a.k.a. Carin Block) Creates a Resonance Repatterning New Workshop

Magui Block knows how to support people in transforming their relationships very well.  When I heard that she is creating a new relationships workshop, I wanted to hear more.

Sally:  You are the author of two excellent Resonance Repatterning® workshops—one called Healing the Family and one called Healing the Family Systems and Healing the Systems—Family, Groups, and Organizations.  What is the next workshop that you are developing?

Magui:  My next workshop will address intimate relationships– one with one relationships.  It is more for couple relationships, but it can be beneficial for any other intimate relationship such as parent/child or siblings; boss/employee relationships, close friends.

I want many people to attend.  I want to do it outside of the Resonance Repatterning umbrella, so everybody can attend, not only Resonante Repatterning practitioners.  Chloe, who has always supported and guided my work, likes the idea and is close to me in this project.

There will be two manuals—one for Resonance Repatterning participants and one for people who are not trained to do Resonance Repatterning.  Participants who are not Resonance Repatterning Practitioners can learn the work through another, more simple system—another pathway.  They will still be able to identify non-coherent patters, identify the issues that hold the non-coherence in place and identify the modality.  They can do the same process without needing to use muscle checking.

I hope that this approach will help increase the number of students studying Resonance Repatterning.  By taking this workshop, they will feel motivated to take additional courses.

Some of the chapters of this new workbook include:

  • How Families of Origin affect the Dynamics of the Couple
  • How to Attract and Manifest an Intimate Relationship
  • The Dynamics of Male/Female Interactions
  • Setting Limits in Relationships
  • Destructive Relationships
  • Ending a Relationship

In this manual, I address why there are more divorces now.  I address how to manage power in a relationship such as in relationship to money and control.  And finally, I address what happens when one member of a couple grows and moves in life and that threatens the couple staying together.

Sally:  When is this workshop first going to be taught?

The first workshop will be held in Spain in late November—in Spanish.

Participants will include couples and singles, Resonance Repatterning Practitioners and people who are not repatterners, psychologists and social workers, etc.  They will learn the tools.  I won’t teach them the skills of how to help others heal.  If they have those skills, they can use this tool in their practice.  If not, they will be able to use this tool for themselves.

Sally:  Will you be using Bert Hellinger approaches again in this workshop?

Magui:  I use his principles a little when teaching “dynamics of the soul”.  But primarily I am using other approaches.  I am presenting what I have seen to work with my clients who are addressing couples issues.

The work is very serious, but I address it in a light way.  I use stories and case histories.   The way the manual is written is designed to heal.  I meditated and received inner guidance.  This workshop is very different than what I have presented in the past.  It is simpler.

Sally:  When doing modalities, do you recommend that the practitioner follow the instructions from the book exactly as they are written, or do you recommend that they change the processes as they feel appropriate?

Magui: If a practitioner is connected with spirit, with their wisdom, the modality goes well.  If not connected with spirit, the energy is denser and there is more suffering.  This work must touch your spirit.

For example, with the modalities for trauma: It’s not the trauma, but the trauma’s energy that gets stuck.  Let that energy do what ever it needs to be doing.  What does the energy need to do?   The described modalities are only one way to heal.  If the given modality gives you a different idea, it is recommendable to do that different process.  The suggestions in the book can be used to take a different direction.

Do the work with the heart, not the head.  The modalities are a limitation in a way.  We have many more tools.  When a client is having an experience, the modalities are only ideas of how to address the experience.  Maybe the client has other ideas.

….It is beneficial to take workshops many times.  When you see a lot of different scenarios, your learning and grasp of the process will become deeper.

Sally:  Do you have specific goals for this workshop?

Magui:  The books are design to support transformation, to avoid repeating old patterns, and to create new coherent patterns.

When we get triggered by our old patterns, we get to see how our old patterns are in relationship to us. How do we develop the ability to not repeat these old patterns?  First we identify our patterns and then we go on to our relationship patterns.  We address what triggers us.  What ever triggers us shows how we are in relationships and this reflects how we relate to ourselves.

In one of the chapters, for example, I address that people are often alone, not by conscious choice, but are afraid to be with someone.  They do not want to open their hearts—but that decision happens on an unconscious level.  They are choosing by not choosing. They are losing time, love and experiences.

Then there are others who have relationships, but do not open up, they stay safe.  They do not have a sense of community.  They can’t open to someone, can’t open to others.  They stay stuck in unhealthy relationships.  They don’t finish with the relationship because they are afraid.

In this workshop, and in the book, I talk in a way that is light, very light.  That is the way I teach.  Not heavy.  The issues are heavy, but the presentation is light and the healing is with love.

I am hoping to present Resonance Repatterning in a way that will help Resonance Repatterning will grow.  I hope to find ways to make it attractive to more people.

Sally:  Thank you Magui for all you have done for Resonance Repatterning.  I look forward to taking this new workshop.

Sally Herr

Magui Block lives in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She has received accreditation in several fields in psychotherapy: Person Centered Focus, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt for Children and Teenagers, Dreams, Biomnemics (body therapy), Gestalt to treat Symptoms, Family Therapy, E.M.D.R., Eriksonian Hypnosis. She is also trained as a Family Constellation Therapist by the Bert Hellinger Institute of Berlin.
Magui has been a Resonance Repatterning Certified Practitioner since 1999, and teaches the Empowering Yourself seminar. She is the author of the Resonance Repatterning seminars “Healing The Family Systems” and “Healing The Systems- family, groups and organizations”. She was the first President of the Mexican Resonance Repatterning Association during 2000 and 2001, when it was created.

Sally Herr is a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, a Speech Language Practitioner, MA/CCC, and a Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist (RCST).  She lives and works in Portland, Maine.  Her website is

On Changing Your Name

When someone asks you, “Who are you?”  You say,

Name Tag
Changing Your Name

“My name is _____.”  There is energy to your name, which deeply effects who you are.   If you don’t believe it, imagine how you would feel about yourself if your name was “Pickle”, “Beth”, or “Renaldo’?   Would Marilyn Monroe have been considered as sensuous and sexy with the name Norma Jeane Mortenson?  Indra Nooyi is CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo and is often identified as the most powerful woman of the world.  How could you not take someone seriously with a name like Indra, meaning “Lord of the Heaven”!

Here is a story of what happened when Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner and teacher Carin Block decided to change her name to Magui Block.

Sally:  How is it that you decided to change your name?

My mother gave me a birthday gift of a numerology session.  The numerologist stated that my name did not fit me.   But I could not figure out what to change my name to.  Shortly after that session, I went to a supermarket and my money was stolen.  I saw it happen and I could not do anything about it.

I clearly saw that the name “Carin Block” resonated with being a victim—that that name attracts bad things. I had worked those non-coherent patterns with Resonance Repatterning and constellations, and I saw by listening to my name many times every day that “Carin” was creating a negative impact.  I loved that name, I was used to that name, and everybody knew me as Carin Block. I had a career with that name. How could I change it?

It was a jump, an opportunity to leave behind old patterns, so I did it. I was afraid and at the same time my heart felt lighter.

I decided to use Magui, that is the nickname of Margarita, my second name.
“Magui” is like magic and I want to do magical tools that heal with grace. It is aligned with my vision.

Sally:  How has your life changed since your name has changed?

Magui:  Before I changed my name, I was stuck in my writing and after I changed my name, I wrote a new book and a new workshop.  After I changed my name, I found out about a government agency that supports small business, to help businesses grow.  I am now in training to create my business.  I am required to give a frank look at how to run a business.  For example, I am learning how to handle employees.  I have created a brand name—my name is my brand name.  I am creating a new logo. I got in contact with my vision as a business. I am learning how to teach and create in a different way.  I do not want to repeat the same mistakes. I want to make it better and I feel different, stronger.

Sally:  How did Resonance Repatterning help you in your process of changing your name?

Magui:  Resonance Repatterning has helped me all through the process of changing my name: making the “right” choices, managing the fear, leaving the old behind and all that triggers a big change like this. It is to leave an “old” way of being and welcoming a new one. Resonance Repatterning helps to do just that: quantum leaps.


Interview by Sally Herr

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