Love is—the Only Answer

Love is the answer, always and in all ways. Love is all there is, there is nothing else. Love is everywhere and all around us—self-love, love of others, and love of life. You breathe it, see it, smell it, and taste it. Seeing lovers kissing on a bridge; a mother holding her newborn; a teenager helping an older person across the street; a father teaching his child how to ride a bike. It’s about creating and experiencing life to the fullest in all its perfection and disappointments.

I believe that asking the question what would love do right now? —in any circumstance—will expand your experience of love. For example, when you are in a situation where you feel so angry you want to explode, if you would just stop and ask yourself, “What would love do right now?” you will usually do something more loving than you would have done without asking the question. You may not do what Mother Teresa would have done, but you will do something more in alignment with who you really are. You will then be able to respond to life rather than react to it.

Asking what would love do right now? does not mean you will become a doormat and refrain from speaking up for yourself. In fact, just the opposite will occur. As you live from your heart and love yourself deeply, you will know when to stand up for yourself and perhaps say, “No, I won’t be doing that for you anymore,” “That doesn’t work for me,” or “That’s unethical for me. I won’t be joining you.” When you come from your natural essence, then speaking your truth will become second nature.

The more you ask what would love do right now? the more it will set you free to love again, to love completely, and to love from your heart without holding back. You can then be an example or model for others on how life can be extraordinary, fun, and expressive. Soon people may approach you and say, “You are so different. You used to be so negative and crabby. How did you do it?” They, and the people in their lives, will be so grateful if you take this opportunity to share with them your experience of asking, in any situation, “What would love do right now?”

When you feel love in your heart, you and everyone else benefits, because you have so much more love to give. It’s all about making a real difference for you, your loved ones, and all those in your life who are willing to live from a powerful foundation of love.

As you evaluate your career, relationships, finances, health, and other areas of your life, you will begin to BE LOVE, rather than love being something toward which you are striving. Bring love to a situation and notice how others around you change, because you are different.

This is where Resonance Repatterning® comes in. This method, developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, releases the resonance with any unhealed parts of yourself that would keep you from bringing love to a particular situation or person. You may want to consider going to the Repatterning Practitioners Association website and choosing a certified practitioner you feel guided to working with and give them a call. You’ll be amazed at the results.

May the wisdom inside you take you on a journey into your heart where your greatness abides. Now, that’s living a heart-centered, extraordinary life!

Lovingly Submitted,

Victoria Benoit

Healer, Speaker, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, What Would Love Do Right Now?  A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life.

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