Bringing ourselves back to life (10/26/2018) - Most of us didn’t have our essential needs met as children and life often felt threatening. When we felt unwelcome, unloved, unheard or unseen, and we were unable to express this, we shut down, stopped breathing or moving freely. In the Resonance Repatterning process, the energy constriction release is like a beautiful piece of ritual … Continue reading "Bringing ourselves back to life"
My Tribute to HR/RR— My Poem- I AM Going, Going, Going……. (9/28/2018) -   I wrote this poem shortly after I’d completed one of my HR (Holographic Repatterning, renamed Resonance Repatterning in the 2000s) self-sessions in my home, in late 1999. It was a moment of a higher level of well-being, vitality, feeling energised, happy, excited, with positive thoughts, that all led me, then and there, to express … Continue reading "My Tribute to HR/RR— My Poem- I AM Going, Going, Going……."
Wood Element: Structure and Creativity (9/25/2018) - Don’t you just love Spring? The Wood Element has many positive qualities, two of which are Structure and Creativity. I snapped a picture of them here. Bryophyllum pinnatum – Common names include Air Plant, Cathedral Bells, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, and Goethe Plant. September – São Paulo, Brazil.
Water Element: Peace and Calm (9/19/2018) - The water element is about power yet the oxymoron is that it’s also about peace and calm.  
FIRE ELEMENT QUALITY OF MATURITY (8/29/2018) - Trees grow to maturity and full splendor on the grounds of the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory operated by the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture….