Heal My Heart Series 1 of 22 (11/16/2022) - Today is the first day of your magical life! What is a Magical life? Magical lives are just that; magical, extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvelous, fantastic, magnificent, wonderful, sensational, miraculous, fabulous, stupendous, out of this world, terrific, awesome, and wondrous. How is this possible? It’s possible by being curious, … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 1 of 22"
Heal My Heart Series 2 of 22 (11/16/2022) - To really love, first learn to forgive. Forgiveness accomplishes miracles. Using the three magical words, I AM SORRY, frees you from past hurts you’ve received and given. This can support you in emerging as your authentic self—to live a fully magical life! Release what binds you to the past. When your past is unresolved, it … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 2 of 22"
Designing Your Ideal Relationships (5/4/2022) - Living consistent with your purpose, what would your ideal relationships be like? There are many different types of relationships from familial to friendship, neighbor, co-worker, and romantic partner. Consider designing your ideal relationships in each area of life where you are relating to others. I created my ideal romantic relationship by exploring these three questions: … Continue reading "Designing Your Ideal Relationships"
Designing Your Ideal Profession/Work (4/1/2022) - Living consistent with your purpose, how could you express it through your ideal profession/work over the next year? five years? ten years? This is a great opportunity to evaluate how you use your work-related time, and then create what you really want. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that adults spend over 50% of their … Continue reading "Designing Your Ideal Profession/Work"
Designing Your Ideal Home Life (3/4/2022) - Living consistent with your purpose, what would your ideal home life look and feel like? Your physical environment is integral to how you experience living in your home. It is where you go for respite and rejuvenation. A home is often a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs of the individuals living there. I notice … Continue reading "Designing Your Ideal Home Life"



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