Facing the fear of being visible (5/24/2018) - Earlier this year I was feeling quite frustrated that Resonance Repatterning  wasn’t more valued in the world, sad that so many people could benefit from it and that it was still largely unknown. I decided to stop complaining and instead, see what I could do to change the situation and as ever, this change began … Continue reading "Facing the fear of being visible"
Living a Purpose Filled Life (5/17/2018) - One of the main concerns I’ve heard during my twenty five years of working with clients and especially when I had the privilege of talking with elderly people at the end of their life, was whether or not they fulfilled their life’s purpose. I would ask them what they thought their purpose was. I reminded … Continue reading "Living a Purpose Filled Life"
The power of story telling for healing…. (5/2/2018) - I have sweet memories of reading to my child throughout his younger years. He had his favorite book “Where the Wild Things Are”. It was his number one pick and I had to read it exactly the same way each night. If I was tired and tried to “edit” the text he called me out … Continue reading "The power of story telling for healing…."
21 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF ABOUT FACEBOOK    (4/14/2018) - If you are finding the current demise of Facebook challenging and feeling a bit edgy you are not alone. The lack of regard for our privacy and the data leaks has caused many to experience stresses in their social circles. Perhaps some of your friends have deleted their accounts, or many have just gone dead … Continue reading "21 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF ABOUT FACEBOOK   "
Book Review: The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart (4/10/2018) - The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World Not long after completing my Resonance Repatterning training 20 years ago, a number of my colleagues and I were inspired to do ‘long distance healing’ sessions for a large group using the … Continue reading "Book Review: The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart"