The Power of Love (7/8/2020) - “Getting gotten” and “being present” are essential to experiencing the power of love. These concepts are defined here for clarity. The experience of getting gotten occurs when another is so present with you that you feel heard, seen, known, and understood for who you truly are, and know that anything you say or do is … Continue reading "The Power of Love"
WE ARE ONE (6/12/2020) - We are one, and yet… How is it we do not know it? Where is the unity? Where is compassion? Where is understanding, acceptance and love? And most importantly of all, what are we without them? We reject each other We reject ourselves We reject our body parts, our thoughts, our emotions We reject who … Continue reading "WE ARE ONE"
You Are Love (6/5/2020) - What is Love? There are many types of love: love of self, love of your work, love of your parents who gave you life, love of your friends, love of your children, and love of your pets. Then there is romantic love, love of country, and love of God. Each has a different meaning and … Continue reading "You Are Love"
The Birds of the Air (12/13/2019) - An ancient Chinese proverb says……. ‘That the birds of worry and care fly above your head, this you cannot change. But that they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent.’ Ever since I first read this quote I have been struck by the message it portrays, and its similarity with the way Resonance … Continue reading "The Birds of the Air"
Gateway to a Deeper Understanding (9/20/2019) - Sport has always been an important part of my life, and yet, in recent years, it has fallen by the wayside. I used to think this was because life with small children was just too busy, not to mention the difficulty I faced with communicating in a foreign language. Recently though I have come to … Continue reading "Gateway to a Deeper Understanding"