Heal My Heart Series 19 of 22 (3/22/2023) - Observing and healing a child’s suppressed behavior begins with creating a safe space. Paying close attention to a child’s odd behavior can reveal suppressed emotional wounds that are a silent cry for help. It’s best to proceed with care and a genuine desire to release and heal what they are hiding. Creating a safe space … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 19 of 22"
Heal My Heart Series 18 of 22 (3/15/2023) - Increase your job satisfaction by reducing anxiety and conflict at work. Appreciation and job satisfaction seem to go hand in hand. Here are some statistics I thought might interest you. Several studies over the past few years on job satisfaction in America has shown: only 45% of workers say they are either satisfied or extremely … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 18 of 22"
Heal My Heart Series 17 of 22 (3/8/2023) - Stop avoiding others and experience being fully self-expressed. Healing hurt feelings with people in your community—who impacted you in childhood, or as an adult—gives you the freedom to be yourself, fully self-expressed and able to speak your truth to others. It gives you the capacity to expand and accept others just the way they are, … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 17 of 22"
Heal My Heart Series 16 of 22 (3/1/2023) - Stop living with deep regret. Healing hurt feelings with extended family members can have a ripple effect on all members of your family, even those who may never participate in this process. You can expect to feel deeper connections, experience more love, and express sincere gratitude for your extended family members. Extended family members include: … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 16 of 22"
Heal My Heart Series 15 of 22 (2/22/2023) - Healing your heart energetically, through visualization, is possible. When you were growing up, your siblings may have been your closest friends, or so much older that they couldn’t identify with you or your life. As you all grow older and your lives diverge—differences of opinion, lifestyle, religious belief, socio-economic status—often cause rifts in your relationships, … Continue reading "Heal My Heart Series 15 of 22"



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