What Would Love Do Right Now in Restoring Your Power? (6/24/2021) - A loss of personal power often occurs when you have what is called a triggered response. This happens when you are going along great in life, then someone comes too close, says or does something unexpected, you see/hear/ smell something, and—BAM—you have an emotional reaction that feels out of proportion and/or inappropriate relative to what … Continue reading "What Would Love Do Right Now in Restoring Your Power?"
Accessing Your Self-Expression Through Spirituality (5/25/2021) - How does spiritual self-expression relate to love? I believe awakening your spirituality begins with self-love—accepting yourself exactly as you are—having compassion for your weaknesses and celebrating your gifts—expressing the natural love of self with which you were born. One of the highest spiritual expressions you can offer is loving others the way they are and … Continue reading "Accessing Your Self-Expression Through Spirituality"
Accessing Your Self-Expression Through Communication (4/19/2021) - Anything can be resolved in communication. Withholding communication or not speaking your truth may show up in your body, affect your clarity of mind, shape your emotional well-being, and impact your spiritual connection. Taking responsibility and letting other people know what is really going on with you can resolve conflict, deepen intimacy and closeness, and … Continue reading "Accessing Your Self-Expression Through Communication"
What Would Love Do Right Now in Your Self-Expression? (3/12/2021) - When you are self-expressed, you live life from the essence of who you are without much attention on yourself. You are so present in the moment, being who you are, that your inner critic is silenced, the constant flood of thoughts, ideas, and opinions in your mind slows down, and you’re fully alive just doing … Continue reading "What Would Love Do Right Now in Your Self-Expression?"
What Would Love Do Right Now in Your Finances? (2/1/2021) - One of the most elusive aspects of life can be achieving financial abundance. Why do some people continually struggle, while others easily accumulate riches beyond what seems possible? Why do some people hoard their money, while others are generous to a fault? Why are some people driven to provide a large quantity of possessions, often … Continue reading "What Would Love Do Right Now in Your Finances?"