My Tribute to HR/RR— My Poem- I AM Going, Going, Going……. (9/28/2018) -   I wrote this poem shortly after I’d completed one of my HR (Holographic Repatterning, renamed Resonance Repatterning in the 2000s) self-sessions in my home, in late 1999. It was a moment of a higher level of well-being, vitality, feeling energised, happy, excited, with positive thoughts, that all led me, then and there, to express … Continue reading "My Tribute to HR/RR— My Poem- I AM Going, Going, Going……."
Wood Element: Structure and Creativity (9/25/2018) - Don’t you just love Spring? The Wood Element has many positive qualities, two of which are Structure and Creativity. I snapped a picture of them here. Bryophyllum pinnatum – Common names include Air Plant, Cathedral Bells, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, and Goethe Plant. September – São Paulo, Brazil.
Water Element: Peace and Calm (9/19/2018) - The water element is about power yet the oxymoron is that it’s also about peace and calm.  
FIRE ELEMENT QUALITY OF MATURITY (8/29/2018) - Trees grow to maturity and full splendor on the grounds of the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory operated by the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture…. 
Facing the fear of being visible (5/24/2018) - Earlier this year I was feeling quite frustrated that Resonance Repatterning  wasn’t more valued in the world, sad that so many people could benefit from it and that it was still largely unknown. I decided to stop complaining and instead, see what I could do to change the situation and as ever, this change began … Continue reading "Facing the fear of being visible"