Four Steps to Making Amends (9/14/2020) - Making amends is about others and restoring those relationships that you have broken or damaged. The desire to make amends arises when you’re willing to take responsibility for what happened and the impact it had on those involved. It’s not suitable for everyday mishaps—it’s best used for significant incidents that warrant extra consideration and may … Continue reading "Four Steps to Making Amends"
What Would Love Do Right Now in Opening Your Heart? (8/24/2020) - Opening your heart fully may require courage to release resentment, animosity, or guilt associated with the past. It’s really about accepting your humanity and the humanity of others. Forgiveness Freeing yourself from resentment and animosity toward others may be accomplished through forgiveness. There are many interpretations of what it is to forgive another. My aha … Continue reading "What Would Love Do Right Now in Opening Your Heart?"
Love is—the Only Answer (8/6/2020) - Love is the answer, always and in all ways. Love is all there is, there is nothing else. Love is everywhere and all around us—self-love, love of others, and love of life. You breathe it, see it, smell it, and taste it. Seeing lovers kissing on a bridge; a mother holding her newborn; a teenager … Continue reading "Love is—the Only Answer"
The Power of Love (7/8/2020) - “Getting gotten” and “being present” are essential to experiencing the power of love. These concepts are defined here for clarity. The experience of getting gotten occurs when another is so present with you that you feel heard, seen, known, and understood for who you truly are, and know that anything you say or do is … Continue reading "The Power of Love"
WE ARE ONE (6/12/2020) - We are one, and yet… How is it we do not know it? Where is the unity? Where is compassion? Where is understanding, acceptance and love? And most importantly of all, what are we without them? We reject each other We reject ourselves We reject our body parts, our thoughts, our emotions We reject who … Continue reading "WE ARE ONE"