The Resonance Repatterning® Books – An Interview With Chloe Wordsworth

Essential components of the  Resonance Repatterning system of healing and transformation are the books developed for each seminar.  Each of these largely sequential books is rich in information that practitioners draw on for a session.  The material has  been revised over the years with a few publication date milestones.   My first set of books was from 1997, then 2000 and my last set of books was from 2003.    The sessions always seem so miraculous to me –I ask myself “how can the books possibly need updating”?  However, in the last few years we’ve known that the founder of Resonance Repatterning has been hard at work updating the system with new information and repatternings.

Everyone is waiting with excitement to learn about the new changes.   The Repatterning Journal chair, Sally Herr, did an in-depth interview with Chloe on this topic in the November 2011 Edition.  Click here to read what was covered at that time.  

Today, I interviewed Chloe Wordsworth by phone for an update on the book completion and the new pieces that have been added.   Significant changes have been made to the Orientation Section, Problems in Opportunites and Intention Section.  Additionally, the Modalities book has been renamed and will be available to the public.  Find out all of the details, including Chloe’s intention, for date of publication in this interview.

Our thanks go to Chloe Wordsworth for taking the time for this interview.

To find out more about the Resonance Repatterning System, Classes or to purchase books and materials visit Chloe’s website.



EStore – For books and Materials 

To locate a practitioner and experience a Resonance Repatterning session Visit Practitioner Listings.

With love and light,

Carolyn Winter
Past President RPA for the Repatterning Journal

Author: President, RPA

It is a privilege to once again serve the RPA as president. I have been an active Certified Member of the association since 1997. In my own healing practice I support others to achieve their potential with holographic coaching in one to one sessions or in online groups. I also am the online coordinator for Ardis Ozborn where I enjoy making online classes happen. My vision is that as an entrained group with shared values we expand our RPA presence in the healing community through our collaboration and co-creation of unique opportunities for each practitioner to market their work without selling.

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