On We Grow







Warm greetings from Tina Beneman in the Baltimore area.

One of the greatest treasures in my Resonance Repatterning practice is the relationships kindled with other practitioners. I am so lucky to trade sessions with three amazing professionals. I also mentor and practice with two outstanding students.

In addition to great tips and insights, hearing the words others use to express concepts is so helpful. I heartily encourage others to “buddy up.” In addition to the pleasure of fellowship, it is vital to receive sessions yourself and feel the power of the work we offer. This experience never fails to strengthen me and my commitment to “be the change I want to see in the world.”

Another huge plus is learning from what others are learning . My buddy Shyama Orum recently completed Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine practitioner training . She discovered a fantastic series of U tubes that demonstrate many techniques. Just listening to Prune Harris speak in her lovely English accent is a modality in itself! After watching the videos, I can easily make additions to the modalities list so that new techniques are handy to include in sessions.

So how about you? I would love to hear what others are discovering to add even more value to our work in the world.

On we grow!
Love, Tina

The Peaceful Heart exercise with Prune Harris – YouTube

2 thoughts on “On We Grow”

  1. Thanks, Tina, for this lovely reminder of the importance of trading sessions and being open to incorporating new techniques in our work. I love how open the RR community is to sharing and learning from each other. The peaceful heart exercise is marvellous. As to your question, I have no new techniques to contribute other than to say that, being multilingual, I always check to see if other alphabets are needed when doing the Writing Repatterning and identifying the writing coherence needed for certain letters and/or numbers.


    1. Lovely to hear from you dear Sophia. Appreciate your helpful suggestion for the Writing RP.
      Each unique perspective adds richness to our community. Our work relies heavily on the spoken word. It’s essential to be sensitive to how each client processes language and adapt as needed..without burdening the exchange with too many words. Achieving a balance of “just enough words at the most appropriate time” is a continuing exercise. There is always more to grow on in the art of healing presence. How fortunate technology gives us vastly more opportunities to observe others. Here’s to the journey!


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