Book Review: The Power of Luck, A User’s Guide by Dolokhor and Gurangor

Resonance Repatterning Practitioners are in the business of supporting life changes.  We tap into the unconscious minds to identify the core issues, what is holding those issues in place and then we, again, using the unconscious minds, identify how to release those stuck issues that are now understood.

We glean from books the exact right pieces of information that is needed to use to support our clients.  I have found that we don’t need to refer to the Resonance Repatterning books; we can use other books.  Books that list possible problems and then list solutions work very well in the Resonance Repatterning paradigm.

The Power of Luck is a book that fits in that formula. It uses signs that occur in life, humor, stories—such as earlier experiences and fairy tales–and imagination to identify and release the core issue.

The authors call themselves magicians.  We are magicians, too.  Their mentors are skilled shape-shifters, including Lewis Carrol, Richard Bach and Carlos Castaneda.

Of course, you will need to read the book yourself to fully grasp their techniques; however, I would like to give you a taste of their approach.  They ask us to imagine that we really are immortal magicians who have created this world to just amuse ourselves.  In the first section of the book there are chapters describing strategies to identify the root issue and to change it around.  One is called renaming.  For example, a woman went shopping to choose a nightstand to match her furniture.  She and her friend drove all over the town, but could not find an acceptable piece anywhere.  She decided to re-name herself to help free her self of this confusion.  She immediately noticed a sign advertising:  “You know everything will happen in time.”  She gave herself the name:  “I am that which you know will happen in time!”  She saw a sign at the Department of Motor Vehicles:  “Every child on the road is your own!”  She became “I am someone else’s child who’s never on the road.”  She was just playing with names.  It made her happy.  Then she saw in front of her an astonishing sight:  An old man smiling from ear to ear, his grey beard flowing and carrying skis under his arm.  At that time, they were in front of a department store with a sign, “Furniture for Sale.”  Because of the sign of the old man, she knew that was the store—but wondered,”What if I am wrong?”  Inside there were the perfect nightstands at a very cheap price.

The second section gives stories about how people used their techniques to transform their problems.

I know that I am a magician.  I know that my imagination creates the life that I manifest.  I like this book because it gives me added techniques for becoming an even better magician.  I find this book helpful as an optional resource to address both my problems and those of my clients.

The Power of Luck,  A User’s Manual,  Dolokhov and Gurangov, Translated by Mark Havill, Deep Snow Press, Ithaca, New York

Sally Herr, MA

Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Author: Sally Herr

Sally Herr is the owner of New Era Therapies in Portland, Maine. She is a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Registered CranioSacral Therapist®, Polarity Practitioner and Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner. Sally serves on the Board of Directors of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.

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