Our First CONTEST~! Plus the Theme for 2011

We asked ourselves what keeps us from being fully present in life.  We saw it was mainly problems with core issues:  Abundance, Health, Relationships, and Life Purpose.

We appreciated how Resonance Repatterning is unique in the way it directly names the non-coherent, unconscious, and dark or shadow aspects of core issues.  Resonance Repatterning calls a spade a spade!

We think telling people how Resonance Repatterning addresses core issues is crucial to inspiring people to find out for themselves.

And we think you are the best ones to tell them!

The theme for the May Issue is Abundance. The CONTEST is as easy as muscle checking.

Answer this question:

“How has Resonance Repatterning made your life more abundant?”

Anything goes, from one word to one sentence, from one paragraph to one page, from one story to a book.

Submit your answer here, directly on the blog as a comment by April 22. If you can’t do that, submit to laura@beat-depression-naturally.com.   The Journal Committee will determine the winner, to be announced in the May Issue.

The prize? Drumrolllllllllllll please…….  $5!!  That is FIVE DOLLARS in US Currency! HOW does it get any better than that?

We Can’t Wait to See Your Answers!

Get your Throat Chakra juices flowing for the  2011  theme: “Loving Our Wholeness.” And that means our non-coherent, broken, sad, unhealthy, lonely and lost selves as well!  Journal Issues about issues…are you ready for that?

May – Abundance Issues

August – Health Issues

November – Relationship Issues

February – Life Purpose Issues


Laura Frisbie, http://www.beat-depression-naturally.com





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